41_Gleam (WP)

You come to me, touch me, you leave me
Trembling, transfixed, breathless, bewitched
By the gleam of your white-hot desire

  1. Anonymous 2012.09.05 10:59am

    That I did, and yet the effect you had and continue to have on myself is the same as that which you describe.

    Such beauty in this image, such prose that defines a moment in time. Time I long for again and again.

  2. Southern Sir 2012.09.05 1:12pm

    The black beads against your alabaster skin, so tantalizing, so enticing. The one bead though that stands out, eager for my touch once more.

  3. OsShirt 2012.09.05 1:55pm

    You have the most amazing wardrobe.

  4. Southern Sir 2012.09.05 1:57pm

    OS, Minx is just amazing period!

  5. the late phoenix 2012.09.05 3:30pm

    an array of beads
    i do see
    peeking breast makes me sing a song,
    it's Mardi Gras all year long…

  6. Jack and Jill 2012.09.06 7:43am

    As always, you are a vision of such beauty that words cannot do justice. The curve of your neck begs to be kissed, your lips likewise.

  7. Ken Jashot 2012.09.06 8:19pm

    Let me see…
    Two girls at one time…check
    Sex on the beach…check
    Masochistic beauty for a girlfriend…check
    Hands on Minx…hmmm. Guess I still have something to pursue

  8. 1manview 2012.09.07 6:55am

    A very sexy post CM…

  9. Verbose Lothario 2012.09.07 12:12pm

    I'm already trembling–definitely transfixed.

    I don't think you've ever posted a picture that didn't make me want to enact the words you'd written beneath it.

  10. Cheeky Minx 2012.09.08 7:47am

    Anon: You aren't alone there…

    Southern Sir: An eagerness that seems to run both ways, SSir…

    Os: Thank you! I simply couldn't resist the gleaming charms of this necklace…

    Southern Sir: Oh you… 😉

    the late phoenix: I love when you rhyme and sing…

    Jack and Jill: You are mistaken, for your words have me floating on air…

    Ken Jashot: So it would seem, KJ…

    1manview: I'm tickled you think it so, 1man…

    Verbose Lothario: I'm crossing my fingers that will always be the case, VL…

    Gorgeous guys, what would I ever do without your generous and sexy words? Thank you…

    ~Minx x

  11. both.hands.please 2012.09.12 9:43pm

    Yet another dumbfoundingly stunning composition CM. touch.

  12. Cheeky Minx 2012.09.14 1:14pm

    Then by all means reach out, touch, caress, bhp. (Thank you once again for your generous words…)