I envy her. I envy them all.

All of the women lucky enough to encounter you, to chance upon you on the street, in the underground, out in the world as you pass them by, the ones able to catch the briefest glimpse, the ones who can treat themselves to the lingering gaze, the ones who please your eye and arouse your passions, the ones able to brush against your imposing frame or have you press your body into them in the peak hour rush on the crowded train.

I envy them, I do. All of the women fortunate enough to have you, to know you, to truly know you, to be with you, each and every day, privileged enough to bring you into their lives, to bring you in tight, to bring you in close, into their bodies, into their ache, into the velvet heat craving your thick, hard perfecting flesh. I covet the moments they share with you, the moments and minutes and hours they are able to reach out and touch you, to caress your mouth oh so sensually with their lips, the mouth always longing for one more kiss, to trace its peaks with their soft and slippery tongues, to glide their hands along the finely cut Italian suiting to feel, to register, to memorise the blistering heat, your rapid heartbeat.

And as I sit here on this cold and lonely night, I wonder if they indulge you completely, if they spoil you as I would do, if they selfishly take their own pleasure, if you sate their overwhelming desires and needs, the ones you so easily, so effortlessly inspire in me, if they satiate your hunger with their skin and their cunts and their feminine suppleness, if you satisfy their greed with your hands and your cock and your mouth and your mind and the masculinity that invariably leaves me in a daze.

  1. OsShirt 2012.08.22 4:00pm

    Hmmm…that sounds remarkably similar to what I think of you… <3

  2. Rex Venom 2012.08.22 7:08pm


    Rock on!

  3. Jack and Jill 2012.08.23 4:21am

    Mind if I imagine that this was written with me in mind? 😉


  4. Nolens Volens 2012.08.23 3:04pm

    Damn! How the hell did you do that to me?!? You made me think of all the women, friends and strangers. Then I thought about a friend of mine and how I ache for her look and words and touch. Damn, you really did it to me.

  5. both.hands.please 2012.08.23 10:08pm

    I've never been comfortable in the green-eyed monsters company.. But since you've explained his plight so perfectly, I'm much more sympathetic to the cause. And yours, CM.

  6. Cheeky Minx 2012.08.24 11:30am

    Os: Oh, you say the most perfect things… 😉

    Rex Venom: High praise, RV, high praise…

    Jack: I don't mind at all. In fact, I might need to insist on it… 😉

    Nolens Volens: I know this may sound a little wicked, but I'm so glad this piece managed to inflame your already intense desire. Thank you for the wonderful feedback, NV…

    both.hands.please: In truth, I'm not all that comfortable with it either, bhp. Oddly enough, writing it out helps neutralise its irrationality, its sting. But one thing's for certain – my gratitude for your kind words and understanding…

  7. Verbose Lothario 2012.08.24 4:42pm

    I wish I couldn't relate to this post, but alas I've felt these sentiments many, many times in my life. Sometimes I've been envious even at the same time as I was happy and excited for the women's experiences with other lovers; I'm more complex than I seem (though less complex than I think).

    Maybe the next time it happens I'll come back here and steal your words to express myself. I'll make sure to credit you, though. 😉

  8. Southern Sir 2012.08.25 2:10am

    Minx, you've hit a deep chord here with this post, something one if not all have felt at one time or another.
    Yes, I've often wondered the same thing about you…damn this vast span of water!

  9. Cheeky Minx 2012.08.26 8:26am

    Verbose Lothario: Believe it or not, it gives my great comfort to know I'm not alone with these feelings. And by all means use these words in the future – it would be an honour to be your voice… 😉

    Southern Sir: I couldn't agree more about those oceans and seas, SSir… 😉

  10. Ken Jashot 2012.08.27 10:15pm

    To want a man so intensely, that's dizzying. It's not often I find myself wishing I were another man. In this case though, with these desires of your pouring out, I wish I were in his shoes.

  11. Cheeky Minx 2012.08.29 5:17am

    I have to admit that your own wish leaves me feeling rather light-headed as well, KJ. Thank you…