36_Pearls_The strand cool against skin golden
The pearl of my purest pleasure aching
This body yearning for the lover’s marking
This flesh hungry for your hot and violent rain

  1. Advizor54 2012.08.01 1:06pm

    breathtaking, not in any metaphysical or emotional way, but literally I opened this post and gasped, holding my breath for just those moments as I took you in, again. Astonished at your beauty in picture and words.

  2. OsShirt 2012.08.01 1:49pm

    The glistening light off your chest is perfect in this!

    I'll bet the oysters who were irritated for this strand were proud (or at least, tasty…).

  3. the late phoenix 2012.08.01 3:16pm

    pearl necklace, yes, but i don't want to be crude.

    cheeky, you are my inspiracion…


  4. Max 2012.08.01 8:16pm

    Damn damn damn….

    Yes, just breathtaking!

  5. Cougar in Training 2012.08.02 12:52am

    Simple and sexy!

  6. Verbose Lothario 2012.08.02 2:18am

    The sharp intake of breath when this picture hits me full force

  7. 1manview 2012.08.02 7:34am

    Very sultry my dear… 🙂

  8. Jack and Jill 2012.08.02 8:27am

    Your head thrown back, your beautiful hair, the string of pearls between your lovely breasts, the garters holding up your stockings – every detail in this shot provides me with an erotic thrill. As always, you are a sexy delight, a vision of refined sensuality.

  9. Southern Sir 2012.08.02 9:48am

    Everything about this photo screams sexy. Yet to me I see wo sets of pearls, the ones that interest me most are the ones that are taut and ripe for picking, Aching to be felt between my fingers and caressed by my tongue.
    Lovely minx, very lovely

  10. Cheeky Minx 2012.08.05 8:13am

    Advizor: I rather like the thought of leaving you breathless, A…

    Os: Thank you so much. As for the oysters, my body and I try our best to make up for any discomfort or irritation…

    the late phoenix: For the record, I love pearl necklaces of every variety… 😉

    Max: Now if only I could hear that up close…

    Cougar in Training: Thank you, sweet thing…

    Verbose Lothario: Please feel free to exhale that hot breath upon me at any time…

    1manview: I thank you very kindly, 1man…

    Jack and Jill: Trust me, the thrill is all mine…

    Southern Sir: That little pearl is the truly precious gift. Thank you, SSir…

    ~Minx x

  11. Dewey's System 2012.08.06 6:26am

    wow….. just, wow

  12. Cheeky Minx 2012.08.06 12:09pm

    All it takes is the utterance of three little words to make me smile, Dewberry. It's so good to see you again…

  13. ken jashot 2012.08.14 3:34pm

    Having watched you here, my dearest Minx, almost from the very beginning, I've enjoyed seeing your boldness develop, revealing yourself more fully and more openly as you've grown continually more aware that you are, indeed, a hot little number.

  14. Cheeky Minx 2012.08.19 5:18am

    The likes of you have made me bolder, more open, unafraid to express and capture my desiring body. And for that I'm truly grateful, KJ…

  15. Dewey's System 2012.09.14 6:21am


  16. Sensual Sierra 2012.11.20 7:13pm

    I wanted to stop in and congratulate you on your earning the award on Top 100 Sex Bloggers of 2012! I saw it on Rori's blog Between the Sheets!

  17. Cheeky Minx 2012.11.21 10:54am

    Thank you very much, Sensual Sierra! You're most welcome in these parts any time. In fact, I hope you pull up a comfy chair and linger for a while…

  18. Sensual Sierra 2012.11.21 5:44pm

    Why I believe I will, as I have a fresh cup of bengel spice tea in my hand 🙂