It is yours I imagine; it is yours I crave.

It is your gaze, furtive and dark, voracious, unflinching, penetrating, I see reflected back as I stand before the glass slowly unveiling my nakedness, your molten eyes devouring my every detail, my every move, the zipper sliding, the clasps released, the fitted skirt, the satin shirt a tangle at my feet, my shoulders shrugging away the straps, these fingers easing down the lace to reveal the crimson peaks you hunger to take between your lips, my hand cupping the sodden ebony covering my sex, these hips grinding, my mound mashed into this palm, this sensual dance inflaming the ache, intensifying the need to tease away the fabric fused to my scarlet flesh, to have you drop to your knees between my legs brazenly open wide, to have your body marked in my scent, to have your mouth lap at the smoothness of my dripping cunt and the clitoris throbbing, pulsing, longing for your deep tongue kiss, to have you taste me, drink me down, to have you drive me to the screaming edge, to have you against me, buried inside me, to have you possess me with a softness then a violence neither one of us can resist.

  1. Jack and Jill 2012.07.18 8:24am

    Everything you describe here is everything I've always wanted to do to you. This is delightfully wanton, raw, your every word throbbing with sexual energy. Absolutely delicious.


  2. Southern Sir 2012.07.18 9:54am

    A gaze can be so powerful, eyes have such strength. Drawn down into that power, helpless yet pulled like a moth to the flame.
    Tongues dancing together, touching, tasting, probing.
    To sate my thirst upon your nectar, your tender pearl for my tongue to seek. To drink of your sweet juice as you cunt drips its need.
    Even later as I inhale, your soft scent fills me.

    Your words have stirred the beast dear minx!

  3. EaH ♥ 2012.07.18 4:30pm

    How could anyone resist? ♥

  4. Erotiblog 2012.07.18 11:22pm

    Thanks for the welcome and…..WOW….to your post :p You Minx.
    Atlantis xxx

  5. Verbose Lothario 2012.07.19 1:15am

    It's difficult to read your words when all I want to do is close my eyes and savour.

  6. Cheeky Minx 2012.07.19 7:35am

    Jack: I have a sneaking suspicion your own throbbing sexual energy could keep us going for a good long while…

    Southern Sir: Taste, devour, drink, take, SSir. Surrender to that beast within…

    EaH ♥: I'm rather hoping you'll never be able to resist me, sweet thing…

    Erotiblog: I'm merely trying to live up to my moniker, Atlantis… 😉

    Verbose Lothario: Then close your eyes, lie back and I'll whisper these salacious thoughts into your ear, VL…

  7. Ken Jashot 2012.07.19 2:56pm

    Dearest Minx, my gaze has been upon you, and my desire stirred for more months than I can count, and still, each time, every gaze, you create a deep craving. Thank you for that periodic burst of warmth.

  8. the late phoenix 2012.07.19 3:10pm

    best…shadowplay…blog header…ever


  9. Nolens Volens 2012.07.19 3:23pm

    Sighs…still showing me why you got an award from me… Not gonna rest on your laurels? 😉

  10. Max 2012.07.20 1:16pm

    Sigh…. Yes. 🙂

  11. Cheeky Minx 2012.07.22 10:46am

    KJ: Knowing you're out there gazing leaves me feeling just as deliciously stirred and warm…

    the late phoenix: Thank you so much, gorgeous… :*

    Nolens Volens: How could I possibly do that and potentially let you all down, NV? 😉

    Max: If that's the case, you need to meet my mirror… 😉

  12. both.hands.please 2012.07.24 3:12pm

    A more intoxicating scent I doubt exists. And what I wouldn't do to have that taste upon my lips!

    Alas now, CM, I'm wracked with thirst.

  13. Cheeky Minx 2012.07.25 8:04am

    If only I could quench that thirst, bhp…