All day, every day, as the clock ticks, as my clock tocks, my desire, my body they take me to you, opening, revealing, offering themselves to the secrets of your lust, transporting me in an instant to the white expanse of the bed, to the pull of the straps, the softness of silk, the slippery nylon sheathing these smooth, fair legs, to your hands seizing me, suspending my motion, holding me tight, in place for your addictive possession, to your lips caressing my soft skin, to your tongue savouring my burning flesh, to your fingers teasing the sodden ebony mesh, to your impatient cock plunging in, your thick hardness filling me to the brim, to our bodies furiously meeting, sensuously melding, to our bodies fused together in a moment without end.

  1. OsShirt 2012.06.07 12:12pm

    The suspense is killing me.

    (ok, that's a bit cheesy, but sometimes, that's the best I've got! of course, I could mention that I'd love to unhook those with my teeth…)

  2. Nolens Volens 2012.06.07 2:18pm

    That's a very good 150 words or less post. Leaves me wanting.

  3. Jack and Jill 2012.06.07 3:16pm

    Such a luscious, erotic image. The contrast between light and dark – specifically the stockings against your gorgeous flesh – is stunning.

    Like NV, this definitely leaves us wanting. Wanting you, specifically. 😉

  4. the late phoenix 2012.06.07 3:31pm

    if i engage in suspension of disbelief, will my fantasy become reality?

    the white expanse of our bed is producing a certain white within me…


  5. Max 2012.06.07 4:53pm

    Wow, what my imagination can do with this gorgeous pic…. 🙂

  6. Southern Sir 2012.06.07 9:22pm

    Minx, this picture all I can say is incredibly luscious!

    Your words, well your words have left me full of desire and need.


  7. Verbose Lothario 2012.06.08 3:19pm

    My breath was definitely suspended, at the sight of those wonderfully sexy legs, encased in the perfect stockings.

  8. Rex Venom 2012.06.09 9:05pm

    And so sexy

    Rock on!

  9. Cheeky Minx 2012.06.10 6:38am

    Os: Cheesy can be good. But teeth are better…

    Nolens Volens: Then my work here is done. For now. Thank you, NV…

    Jack and Jill: That kind of wanting always works for me… 😉

    the late phoenix: It will, indeed. Just close your eyes and sink into the white…

    Max: Such sweet music to my ears, M. Although it would be all the sweeter if you cared to share the details… 😉

    Southern Sir: I know this will sound wicked, but I take great pleasure from leaving you in such a state, SSir…

    Verbose Lothario: I can only hope I have this effect on you each and every week, VL…

    Rex Venom: Thank you very much, Rex. And it's good to see you back…

    Thank you once again, gorgeous ones… x

  10. both.hands.please 2012.06.12 6:03pm

    The time will never pass where I don't want my cake, nor be able to eat it.

    Your ravaging vision fills me to the brim Cheeky Minx. To the brim.

  11. Cheeky Minx 2012.06.14 12:42pm

    Then grab your fork, bhp. And devour, indulge, sate the hunger for this cake…

  12. max 2012.06.29 4:15pm

    this is perfect, simply perfect.

  13. Cheeky Minx 2012.06.30 7:56am

    I'm touched you think it so, max…