It is only once your eyes, your lips, your hands are upon me, revealing my secrets, the mysteries of my most intimate flesh, it is only once we are joined here together, man plus woman, skin on skin, sex in sex, it is only once you bathe me in your heat, your sweat, your libations, your essence, your shimmering afterglow, does this want, this need, this lustful passion of mine make any sense.

  1. Anonymous 2012.04.11 11:15am

    My mind cannot make sense of its own ramblings at this moment. You see it has just been shattered, reminded, flattened by these thoughts, these mental images, and finally this stunning reminder of how beautifully perfect you are for real.

  2. JM 2012.04.11 11:51am

    Quite simply, absolutely brilliant! CM you have seriously raised the bar higher than I ever thought possible. These words, paint the perfect picture, and then the picture itself is perfectly composed, exquisitely exposed, it just takes my breath away!

  3. Octavia 2012.04.11 1:16pm

    Brilliant. And so very alluring.

  4. OsShirt 2012.04.11 1:43pm

    Makes perfect sense to me.

  5. the late phoenix 2012.04.11 4:45pm

    you make me glow: before, after, and current…*electric current*


  6. Mia Wallace 2012.04.11 8:08pm

    What an amazing way to word what those of us in a happy, loving relationship feel every day.
    And again, the photo is absolutely stunning. You're gorgeous.

  7. Jack and Jill 2012.04.12 7:19am

    Once again, you honor us with beautiful words and a stunning image. Everything you post is somehow more appealing than what came before it. We are amazed by you constantly.

  8. Cheeky Minx 2012.04.14 8:02am

    Anon: What a coincidence. Your words have reduced me in the very same way…

    JM: And you know just how I adore leaving you breathless, J. Thank you…

    Octavia: Thank you very much, lovely – on both counts…

    Os: I'm glad to hear it…

    the late phoenix: And you make me buzz, babe…

    Mia Wallace: I'm tickled I've been able to capture the loving and sensual essence of your everyday. I hope I'm just as fortunate one day…

    Jack and Jill: And once again I'm truly honoured to be on the receiving end of your incredible praise…

    Thank you, gorgeous guys and dolls… xxx

  9. Sofia 2012.04.16 7:38pm

    Exquisite words and picture.

  10. ken jashot 2012.04.16 8:11pm

    I go away for a while and when I return I find you more beautiful than before. How can that be? You're amazing.

  11. Lady Dragonfly 2012.04.17 5:08pm

    Reading this immediately after your “Beauty Spot” entry, I am stunned by your ability to capture your own purring satisfaction, so beautiful. Lust on!

  12. Cheeky Minx 2012.04.22 3:47am

    Sophia: This means a great deal coming from you, my lovely…

    ken jashot: And what a return you've made, KJ. Your incredible generosity has left me at a loss for words…

    Lady Dragonfly: From the lady whose lustful erotica often leaves me breathless, this is the highest praise…


  13. Southern Sir 2012.04.25 12:15am

    And in the afterglow, it comes once more full circle only to begin once more.

  14. Cheeky Minx 2012.04.25 11:16am

    It does indeed, Southern Sir…