My desire for you turns my rationality on its head. It always has. I suspect it always will. It leaves my stomach in knots, my mind crazed, this body on fire, so much so I fear for it, fear this passion will destroy, incinerate, reducing me to nothing but ash and dust, leaving nothing of worth for any other man.

And yet, I care little for my annihilation if it’s at your hand, if it’s at the altar of the man who embodies all that is erotic, all that is possibility, if it’s your body, your imposing strength, your hard thick intensely masculine flesh that takes possession of the woman I now am, of my bare and warm skin, of this slight form draped in the seductive accoutrements of all that is feminine, of the breasts and rosy peaks reaching out for the lightest of caresses, of the lips ever yearning for the softness of your mouth, for your throbbing and glistening sex, of the bright cunt coating your naked cock in this fiery essence, fucking me with your deep and carnal lust, making slow sensual love to me in the dark until you splash your seed, until I release my flood, until I draw the blood on your back, until you bruise me, until we mark, until you guide us, our moans and screams and barely whispered words to the light.

  1. Bella 2012.03.27 3:36pm

    Absolutely wonderful. Such a beautiful capture of lust and desire.

  2. Jack and Jill 2012.03.27 3:40pm

    Beyond the vivid, sensual detail with which this piece is imbued, we are really taken by how naturally the second paragraph flows despite being a single sentence. Very well done. I think we can all relate to passion this intense.

  3. Octavia 2012.03.28 12:06am

    An Intense stream of consciousness. Forged in places we strive to remain.

  4. JM 2012.03.29 1:44am

    While the last paragraph might be one sentence, it is also a sentence. For I am enslaved and bound to your words, my chance of escape highly unlikely, yet I do not wish to escape. This is both beautiful, yet punishing to behold..

  5. Cheeky Minx 2012.03.30 4:01am

    Bella: Thank you very much for the wonderful compliment. And welcome…

    Jack and Jill: I had a feeling you might be able to relate. Thank you both for the incredible words…

    Octavia: Yes, indeed. But I fear my intensity has done nothing but turn that place to dust…

    JM: I take pleasure in the thought of enslaving you, J. And I take an even greater delight in having you think so highly of this piece…

  6. max 2012.04.02 7:21pm

    i love this longing, this all-consuming want…and you describe it perfectly.

  7. Cheeky Minx 2012.04.06 6:33am

    I'm truly touched you think so, max…

  8. both.hands.please 2012.04.10 9:20pm

    Believe you me I've tried to drag you into the light, kicking and screaming, as I wake from dreaming, but to date I've failed.
    Ah well.. Try try again.

  9. Cheeky Minx 2012.04.11 10:51am

    I have no doubt you'll succeed very soon, perhaps when the moon is full and I'm bathed in its silvery beams. You should indeed try again. In fact, I insist on it, bhp…

  10. Southern Sir 2012.04.25 12:29am

    Succumbing to that craven submission, so fully and completely, at first it seems you can fight it, resist it, yet even atom in your body gives way to it……that sweet sweet surrender.

  11. Cheeky Minx 2012.04.25 11:29am

    You're so very right, Southern Sir. This desire, this man, leaves me no other choice. All I yearn for with him is that complete and utter surrender…

  12. Southern Sir 2012.04.25 9:19pm

    Ahh to know such desire, he truly is a very lucky man indeed.

  13. Cheeky Minx 2012.04.29 9:02am

    I'm genuinely touched you think so, Southern Sir. But the jury is still out on how fortunate he thinks himself…