If you were here, if you were mine, if we gave of ourselves completely, without reserve, just one more time, I would kneel before you, kiss your body with my warm skin, worship the man, the flesh hard and masculine, I would venerate, idolise, devour with soft lips, with velvet heat, with the lightest of innocence, with the darkest of sin, I would open, give, surrender myself to you as I have only dared in my dreams.

  1. Jack and Jill 2012.03.22 8:22am

    Just gorgeous! This photo is an absolute delight; though your usual balance of light and shadows is always so sensual, it's nice to see you when you're lit a bit more brightly.

    Additionally your words perfectly portray an urgency to which we can completely relate. The longing and the desire you describe here are palpable. We'd love to be the object of this desire.

  2. Octavia 2012.03.22 9:33am

    What Jack and Jill said…

  3. the late phoenix 2012.03.22 2:48pm

    okay, this is perfect for me, 'cause i'm in desperate need of a holy cleansing today…so, um, you be the nun, i'll be the priest, and…:*

  4. OsShirt 2012.03.22 3:01pm

    If we could get your dreams to meet my dreams, wonderful things would happen!

  5. Nolens Volens 2012.03.23 12:13am


  6. M 2012.03.23 2:43am

    Delightful as usual… Can't say one bad word about this post, nor do I want to

  7. Vincent Vega 2012.03.23 3:00am

    Incredibly sexy picture. I just love your photography.

  8. JM 2012.03.23 1:23pm

    Dreams can be a powerful thing. So can the image of a stunning woman. I can imagine how it would feel to be kissed by that body, that skin..

    Let's be honest here, I think my dreams have featured that very scenario!

    Gorgeous post, and wonderful wide angle shot! I love it.

  9. Max 2012.03.23 5:33pm

    So many lovely “if's”…. 🙂

    Gorgeous pic, as always.

  10. both.hands.please 2012.03.23 10:04pm

    Tis I who dares to dream this vision into reality.. to be the object for such veneration.. and party to your velvet sins.

    Devour at will dear Minx.

  11. Cheeky Minx 2012.03.25 7:27am

    Jack and Jill: What makes you think you're not that object, J&J? 😉

    (Thank you for the wonderfully thoughtful comment once again. You have me smiling very slyly…)

    Octavia: Ha! They do have a way with words, don't they? Thank you, lovely…

    the late phoenix: Shall we meet in the confessional around midnight? 😉

    Os: That would be quite a meeting…

    Nolens Volens: Thank you very much, NV…

    M: I'm very glad to hear it…

    Vincent Vega: Thank you, V. I'm genuinely touched…

    JM: They can be very powerful indeed. We should meet up in the dreamy ether some time, J.

    Thank you for the high praise. It means a great deal from such a photographic talent…

    Max: And there are a great many more. Thank you so much, Max… 🙂

    both.hands.please: How could I possibly refuse such an offer, bhp?

  12. Cheeky Minx 2012.03.25 7:29am

    PS Thank you all for your generous and continued support. It means a great deal… xxx

  13. Buddha 2012.03.27 2:00am

    Ok, well… I'll get my plane ticket and head over.

  14. Cheeky Minx 2012.03.30 3:53am

    You'd risk the tortures of long-haul for me?!

    Thank you for making me smile very slyly, Buddha…

  15. Southern Sir 2012.04.25 12:32am

    Some dreams are worth dreaming, but even better when you awaken form the dream to find it real.

  16. Cheeky Minx 2012.04.25 11:34am

    Oh, yes, Southern Sir. A thousand times yes…