Bring On The Night

d1174-16_bringonthenightLeave the words behind
For they merely tear us asunder
Give instead your body, your flesh
Grant me the depths of your desire
Forget the limits, the boundaries
Cast the sobering day aside
Come to me, drink me in
Bring on the night

  1. Jack and Jill 2012.03.14 8:24am

    Beautiful, tender, and sensual, as usual. And the picture is exactly what we wanted to see just before bed. Well done.

  2. JM 2012.03.14 8:31am

    Helmut Newton for all his genius, could not get near this image. I am dumbfounded! Astounded! Then you go that one step further and pair if with this incredible prose. I stand here in awe.

  3. Octavia 2012.03.14 9:30am

    Consistently powerful imagery time and again. Truly amazing.

  4. OsShirt 2012.03.14 1:50pm

    Bring it on, indeed!

  5. the late phoenix 2012.03.14 3:28pm

    bring on the love, the dark, shadowy love…hey, i love the apple shape that the collection of words in your poem forms there, i'm hungry for an apple, but i'm more hungry for…your dark, shadowy love…

  6. Mia Wallace 2012.03.15 12:35am

    Stunningly beautiful, as always. The words and the image mesh so well together. Seeing your nipples peek from the top of the corset is amazing.

  7. Max 2012.03.15 5:27pm

    Yes, bring it on…. 🙂

    Gorgeous, as always.

  8. 1manview 2012.03.17 5:54am

    Sultry sweet… The image was shear vision …..

  9. Cheeky Minx 2012.03.18 2:06am

    Jack and Jill: It warms me all over knowing this is just the thing you both wanted before you retired for the day…

    JM: I can assure you I'm the one sitting here in silent, breathless awe at the comparison with one of my all-time favourite photographers. Thank you gorgeous, J…

    Octavia: I can't quite express how happy and humbled I am right now, lovely lady…

    Os: Your wish is my command…

    the late phoenix: Take a bite, a very bite. I can assure you the apple is juicy and ripe…

    Mia Wallace: I'm truly tickled you think so, lovely. As are my cheeky crimson peaks…

    Max: Then I'll expect your knock on my door as the sun sets and the shadows begin to descend… 😉

    1manview: To be considered a vision is such beautiful, high praise, 1man…

    Thank you again, gorgeous guys and dolls… xxx

  10. Amazon Woman 2012.03.19 10:28am

    A masterpiece again, dear gorgeous friend!

  11. Cheeky Minx 2012.03.20 11:31am

    My darling Amazon Woman, you've made my day – and night… x

  12. both.hands.please 2012.03.23 10:11pm

    A sweeter tipple I doubt exists on this good earth.. nor passed these lips for sure.

  13. Cheeky Minx 2012.03.25 7:32am

    You certainly know how to make this woman shiver deliciously, bhp. Thank you…

  14. Southern Sir 2012.04.25 12:36am

    I cannot put into words how this made me yearn for the velvet blanket of night to drift down upon me.

  15. Cheeky Minx 2012.04.25 11:36am

    And yet I would say you've articulated it perfectly, Southern Sir…