When He Speaks

15_The Unutterable

When he speaks, from near and from afar, when he speaks into her fair skin in the dark, when he speaks into the trembling flesh pressed into the cool stucco of the wall, when he speaks the unutterable desire surging, coursing, burning inside her, when he speaks to the passions that render her own soft voice mute, when he speaks her name, the syllables released, caressed by his breath, when he speaks, when he confesses, when his deep and accented rumble admits his body yearns for her touch, his lips for her kiss, his cock for her cunt, when he speaks the words she holds close, she holds dear, when he speaks of her, when he speaks to her, when he speaks this woman is his.

  1. OsShirt 2012.03.07 2:57pm

    Wow. Glad I sent that voicemail! 😉

  2. Jack and Jill 2012.03.07 3:45pm

    Everything you post is somehow a bigger turn-on than the last. Your pose, the red dress, and your hair are sensual and beautiful, the lighting and shadows artistic, and the accompanying words even hotter than we would expect of you. Such an exciting post.

    And Os' comment was funny.

  3. the late phoenix 2012.03.07 4:33pm

    when you speak, a radiance shows,
    all the red hues assemble,
    a dress slowly unraveled to reach the truth,
    and my speech can only crumble.

  4. Mia Wallace 2012.03.08 5:31am

    Your words are beautiful, as is your photo. You consistently bring such classiness and beauty. I love it!

  5. boneman 2012.03.08 8:36am

    I see you're starting to use the dark blue of your blog to accent the photo.
    Very cool.
    Makes the photo even more hot.
    Conflict ?
    I think not.
    It's cool to be hot, and when a person's hot they love to cool down, and, as always, you have to get up to get down.

  6. JM 2012.03.08 8:58am

    As you know I am a bit of a fan of the geometry of a womans body. My dear Minx, you have just given me a lesson in feminine mathematics I will never ever forget. Did I just make maths sound sexy?

    Beautiful words as always, and as always, beautiful you!

  7. Max 2012.03.09 7:58pm

    Gorgeous! As always. 🙂

  8. Cheeky Minx 2012.03.10 12:49am

    Os: Indeed… 😉

    Jack and Jill: Oh my… You do realise your comments have me sighing and swooning every week, right?

    As for Os, he is a very cheeky sod…

    the late phoenix: If I can make you crumble in such a poetic manner, I know I'm onto a good thing…

    Mia Wallace: I'm tickled pink (and blushing scarlet) that you think so, lovely…

    boneman: The contrast of colours wasn't intentional but I'm very glad you liked the intensity so well.

    And thank you for the rhyming. It now has me smiling…

    JM: Actually, you did. That would explain my odd hankering for a protractor right now.

    Thank you again, gorgeous J. You never fail to bring a curve to these here lips…

    Max: You're kindness personified. As always… 🙂

    Thank you again, sweet, sexy things… xxx

  9. M 2012.03.10 3:56am

    beautiful words, beautiful thoughts, beautiful image… Always outdoing yourself.

  10. Cheeky Minx 2012.03.11 7:03am

    It's clear to me the beauty lies in your response, M. Thank you…