Daisy Chain


Run your hand
Skim your tips
Brush your lips
Along the daisy chain
Along these petals
Blushing, burning bright
Along the flower
This blooming sensuality
Aching to be plucked
In the hot sun’s blinding light

  1. Osbasso 2012.02.28 8:04pm

    What a lovely trail they lay out!

  2. Jack and Jill 2012.02.28 8:33pm

    It took us a few moments to notice the beautiful words you'd written; the image is THAT artistic and provocative.

  3. Mia Wallace 2012.02.28 9:19pm

    The littlest peek of your right cheek makes the picture that much more amazing. I love it, as always!

  4. France 2012.02.28 10:17pm

    Is it spring yet? 🙂
    I love that pic, so feminine!!

  5. Southern Sir 2012.02.29 1:16am

    Yes, spring is in the air, those delicate petals waiting to unfurl. So soft and inviting. Unfurling to soak in the warm sunshine, glistening in the early morning dew. Reaching, yearning…opening to for the admiration of all. The soft heavenly scent fills the air with a fragrance so sweet.

    This is a beautiful time of the year here, the dress would be perfect for the weather. Hmmmm it might not stay on long though.

  6. Octavia 2012.02.29 3:41am

    I envy your photographer! Such a wonderful shot paired with a beautiful sentiment.

  7. Anonymous 2012.02.29 5:13am

    Oh how I wish I was there to behold that for real once again. I long to skim, brush, pluck, but also fuck that sensuality once again. The time will come, and I will deflower those delightful petals once again.

  8. JM 2012.02.29 5:15am

    There is something about the thought of more being less. Such a delicate yet evocative pose, an innocence with that underlying sensuality that grabs me, shakes me and compels me to do unspeakable things to your body. You are a fine woman indeed my dear Minx, please don't ever change.

  9. 1manview 2012.02.29 4:51pm

    Hmm, very adulterous tone.. Alluring image… Love the post…

  10. Sophia 2012.03.01 5:15am

    mmmm I love what anonymous wrote to you… so sexy. 🙂
    They match your words.
    Love the alluring sexy pose.

  11. Max 2012.03.01 3:12pm

    Beautiful and erotic pic. So many possibilities….

  12. the late phoenix 2012.03.01 5:18pm

    i used to skim my tips, that was big in the '90s

    i'd love to run a train, i mean, ride the daisy chain to your sweet bottom peek


  13. Cheeky Minx 2012.03.04 8:01am

    Os: Let me know if you're ever in the mood for a nature hike…

    Jack and Jill: Oh… Now you have the rest of me blushing. Thank you…

    Mia Wallace: Sometimes, it's all about the little cheeky peek!

    France: Technically is was summer but what gal can resist hitching up her daisy scattered sundress? 😉

    Southern Sir: Oh well, if the dress needs to go, who am I to argue?

    Thank you, SS. This flower is blushing bright…

    Octavia: Thank you for the incredible and generous compliment, lovely. As for the photographer, she is always yours truly…

    Anon: Yes, it will…

    JM: You certainly know how to make me smile, J. Since you like the combination of the innocent and the salacious so very well, I think it'll stick around for a while…

    1manview: Thank you so much for yet another delicious compliment, 1man…

    Sophia: Mr Anon has a way of making the girls smile very wickedly. And I'm sure your comment has him doing the same. I know my lips are curved right now thanks to your words, lovely…

    Max: They are infinite, yes?

    the late phoenix: “All aboard”…

    Sweet, sexy, pretty things, thank you very much for rounding off the summer season so sweetly… xxx