By the sun
To its light
In the glory
At this day
At this sweet life

  1. JM 2012.02.22 8:09pm

    Many happy returns to you my dear friend. I wish a great many things for your birthday, but more than anything, I wish for your happiness.

  2. James 2012.02.22 11:19pm

    fantastic picture

  3. Jack and Jill 2012.02.23 3:57am

    Gorgeous as always.

  4. OsShirt 2012.02.23 6:07am


    You're having a bday without letting me know??

  5. Southern Sir 2012.02.23 10:46am

    Is it so? That this is the day the angel we have come to know as Minx has graced us with her presence?

    May your day be all that you hoped for and more. Filled with joy and love, laughter abounding, surrounded by those that love you.

  6. the late phoenix 2012.02.23 4:21pm

    can i be the scrunchie on your right wrist? just for the day, i just want to experience that…

    may your day be filled with tons of that special kind of *cake*

  7. vijayant 2012.02.24 11:19am

    Hi Minx

    Ur creative sense clearly visilbe in the pic. Simple great.

  8. Ken Jashot 2012.02.24 4:09pm

    So this is no long HALF naked Thursday then? That's okay, I like Fully Naked Thursday better, if this is the kind of beauty it's going to bring us. You're so tasty.

  9. M 2012.02.24 9:28pm

    How I'd love to be caressed by the sun… a sultry shot Minx.

  10. Sophia 2012.02.25 1:36pm

    You are simply stunning.
    Happy birthday sexy girl…
    Now back to work… 🙂

  11. Octavia 2012.02.25 11:57pm

    Beautiful Photograph. And I agree, life is sweet.

  12. Cheeky Minx 2012.02.26 10:57am

    JM: Even though I always know you hope these things for me, it warms my heart to have you wish them on my birthday, my friend…

    James: I'm chuffed you think it so, James…

    Jack and Jill: That's so kind of you to say so…

    Os: I'm sorry! I've never been all that good at shouting it from the rooftops…

    Southern Sir: You certainly know how to make this “angel” smile coyly and then rather wickedly, SS. My thanks to you for your thoughtful wishes…

    the late phoenix: Scrunchie?! Alas, it is a big chunky beaded bracelet on my wrist. You can be the shiny sparkles instead. Thank you, babe…

    vijayant: You're too kind. Thank you, V…

    KJ: I figured this 'suit' was rather fitting to celebrate the day of my birth. I'm thrilled you approve…

    M: Step into its light and it will surely happen, M…

    Sophia: Thank you very, very much, my sweet. Don't work too hard… 🙂

    Octavia: That it is. As is your comment…

    Sweet, sexy, pretty things, thank you once again for your sweetness, your light and your dreamy thoughts and wishes… xxx

  13. unbridledesires 2012.03.08 4:35pm

    So wish I had a zoom button…

  14. Cheeky Minx 2012.03.10 12:31am

    I guess the only course of action in its absence is to bring yourself a little closer to the screen.

    It's lovely to see you back, unbridledesires…