The Veil

12_The Veil

There’s nothing now, nothing but the night, nothing but you and me, nothing but us two, nothing but the longing to feel your kiss, your breath hot and heavy against my skin, nothing but the yearning to have you caress my curves through this silk, nothing but the need to have you ease up this gossamer veil, to have you bare my body to your gaze, to have you reveal my fairness to the light, to have you slip your hand between my thighs, to have your fingers trace this arousal flowing free, to have your fingers slide into the velvet of my fire, to have you take me, to have your hot hard flesh join me, to have the desire that will always complete me.

  1. JM 2012.02.15 11:58am

    You veil yourself, yet you reveal your wants and desires in your stunning words. Allow me to lift that wall, allow me to complete that desire, allow me to reveal your sublime fairness to my eyes, before you allow to take, have, join.

    Stunning, perfect, Always!

    JM xox

  2. OsShirt 2012.02.15 4:25pm

    I'll take what's behind curtain #1 please!

  3. Mia Wallace 2012.02.15 6:06pm

    The peek of the thigh highs through the sheer veil is unbelievably sexy. As always, wonderful words to compliment your beautiful photo.

  4. Jack and Jill 2012.02.15 10:19pm

    A seven-line sentence has never flowed so naturally in the history of the written word.

    As always, your beauty is perfectly captured, and the contrast in this photo between light and darkness is mesmerizing. I keep looking away and then looking back, in the hopes that the veil has been dropped.

  5. Southern Sir 2012.02.16 2:15am

    The sheerness of the veil leaves no pretense, a hint of the beauty behind it's thin cast. Unable to contain the heat as it is torn away.

    Minx such a depth of passion, you never cease to amaze.

  6. vijayant 2012.02.16 10:10am

    Hi Minx,

    Really ur words are appealing, makes one person feel ignited and so I. Greating writings, with deep sense of never ending desire. Let feel the pleasure for whole night.

  7. the late phoenix 2012.02.16 4:24pm

    dear god may i never be veiled from your beauty

  8. Ken Jashot 2012.02.18 10:35pm

    Ohh, you're killin' me here, Gorgeous. Behind you is the perfect corner in which to push you, the perfect wall to hold your hands against, tightly in my grasp, and that silk is not complete until it's torn from you, laying in shreds at your feet.

  9. boneman 2012.02.19 6:38am

    well, for sure changes are good.
    You certainly have done them, of late, too. Noir, Color,dark shadows, shadows in color (or is it just me?) BRIGHT!, and now the fog slips in.
    Mist is my girlfriend's favorite kind of painting from me.

    Personally, I'de just like to capture ANY image accurately anymore.

  10. Cheeky Minx 2012.02.20 10:45am

    JM: Come close, closer and allow me to indulge you in return…

    Os: Good choice!

    Mia Wallace: I'm tickled you like that contrast, lovely. Thank you once again for your incredibly generous thoughts…

    Jack and Jill: I think you should keep on looking for I might be tempted to drop this veil if I know you're out there gazing upon me. And my heartfelt thanks yet again for the amazing praise…

    Southern Sir: And you – and your poetic responses – never fail to leave me feeling truly grand…

    vijayant: Thank you for your thoughtful words. I'm thrilled I've managed to ignite your fire with my own…

    the late phoenix: I think your prayers have just been answered…

    KJ: I rather like the thought of killing you softly with this silky veil before it's torn with force and passion to shreds, before it's a mere remnant at my stocking covered feet…

    boneman: It's so good to see you around these parts once again, boneman. And I'm chuffed you like the spectrum (of my desire) you see before you…

    Thank you again and again, sweet, sexy, pretty things… xxx

  11. Sophia 2012.02.25 1:26pm

    Wow how did I fall so behind… It's 5:23 am here and can't think of a better way to pass the time until I go home.
    Great sexy pic…

  12. Cheeky Minx 2012.02.27 7:38am

    I'm always happy to help you stave off the boredom, Sophia. And thank you, lovely… x

  13. Sophia 2012.03.01 5:19am

    You are so welcome. 🙂 I love to come here and read your responses. they make me smile.

  14. Cheeky Minx 2012.03.04 7:41am

    Snap, my sweet… x