It’s one of those nights.

It’s one of those hot sultry nights, the kind that follows an even hotter, more humid day. It’s the kind of night your body begs for nakedness, for the merest whisper of fabric would suffocate, would burn, would blister the glow radiating off your fair silken skin.

It’s one of those nights.

It’s one of those close steamy nights where the coolness of the crisp white cotton drawn tight across your bed never fails to curve your lips as you lay your body down, as you sink into the darkness, as you listen to the whir of the fan and the low chirp of cicadas, your eyes fluttering against the smallest rays of light and the sleep that’s beckoning, calling.

It’s one of those nights.

It’s one of those fiery nights that not only scalds but brands your flesh, your mind, your soul, cruelly plucking at your memory, ruthlessly enticing the yearning to merge yourself with that other, to loose yourself in another’s heat, to abandon the woman to that lingering sensual moment, to that momentum, to that torrent, to that violent torrent of hunger and greed and touch and sweat and moans and clashing lips and limbs and straining muscles and cries and groans and come. And come.

It’s one of those nights.

  1. Goddess Sybele 2012.01.30 12:57pm

    What delicious imagery!

    '…of those close steamy nights where the coolness of the crisp white cotton drawn tight across your bed…'

    Love that line.

    (Which is exactly what this currently snowbound girl needed to read)

  2. Mia Wallace 2012.01.30 2:23pm

    The images that popped into my head as I read this were beautiful, just as your words are.

  3. OsShirt 2012.01.30 2:59pm

    Unfortunately, we never get those sorts of nights up here, even in the middle of summer. Might need to take a trip.

    Hey! New profile pic!! 🙂

  4. both.hands.please 2012.01.30 6:04pm

    If I could but for a moment swap places with you Minx, I would, in a heart beat. Because the frost here has bitten my nose, snap frozen my fingers and gnawed through leather to my toes.

    Luckily, I have your posts to act as radiator.
    Energy companies charge for that kinda heat is this neck of the woods..

  5. Cheeky Minx 2012.01.31 9:06am

    Goddess Sybele: I'm so thrilled my imagery could raise the temperature a little in your snowy neck of the woods. Thank you for the lovely words – and welcome…

    Mia Wallace: You always say the most perfect (and humbling) things, lovely…

    Os: The profile pic and I think you should get thee onto a plane!

    both.hands.please: Call me greedy and selfish, but I'd rather a visit than an outright swap. Otherwise, I wouldn't be able to assist with the thaw.

    And bhp, thank you for the glorious endorsement…

  6. 24 2012.01.31 4:15pm

    Love those nights, your words paint the perfect summer night. Now I am really missing summer. 😉

  7. Vincent Vega 2012.01.31 8:28pm

    And how I love those kinds of nights!

  8. Anonymous 2012.02.01 10:41am

    I recall a night not so long ago, where the torrent was in fact unleashed. It has been branded into my very flesh, this hard flesh that grows at the thought of your heat, that lingering sensual moment, that violent hunger!

    I wish it was one of those nights again this night…..

  9. Cheeky Minx 2012.02.05 6:30am

    24: Then I wish the summer (and its heat) a speedy return. Thank you very much…

    Vincent Vega: That's very good to know, V…

    Anon: My own marked flesh wishes for the very same…