If I press these fingers to my lips, if I hush the lone sweet sigh, if I silence the thoughts, the tumble of words, if I surrender my soul to the quiet, will this light fade to black, will this desire cease its blush, its course, its flow, will this obsession, this beguiling devastation, leave me at long last alone?

  1. Jack and Jill 2012.01.26 8:59am

    We weren't expecting this shot to be so well-lit, and we are stunned at just how beautiful you look once out of the shadows. The shot is breathtaking, and the accompanying words provide suitable counterpoint. Absolutely lovely.

  2. Southern Sir 2012.01.26 9:51am

    You've stepped out of the shadow's and brought light to my world, simply exquisite Minx, such profound beauty.
    Your words, your image both paint a lovely picture.

  3. Vincent Vega 2012.01.26 12:47pm

    I'm so used to seeing you in dark shots to seeing you in such light is a welcome and wonderful surprise. So sexy.

  4. James 2012.01.26 1:23pm

    minx, you look amazing, it's great to see you in the light, and see so much of you, what a great picture, what great words, wish i was your obsession 😉

  5. OsShirt 2012.01.26 2:45pm

    You look mighty fine in the light of day! Of course, I already knew that… 😉

  6. Buddha 2012.01.26 4:09pm

    I love what you do with your camera. I'd love it even more if you played with the aperture a bit, opening wide your delicate lens to let the light stream in, the low shutter speed taking in a large amount of light.

  7. the late phoenix 2012.01.26 4:36pm

    i…oh…light…lightplay, not shadowplay…new, new thing, and i'm loving it…i'm…out of breath

    i'm ossessing, i'm ossessing…

    date night, movie night? :*

  8. Mia Wallace 2012.01.26 4:57pm

    Seeing you come out of the shadows, the darkness, is such an unexpected and welcome surprise. You are beautiful either way. Keep up the amazing work.

  9. Amazon Woman 2012.01.26 8:25pm

    So tender is the light on you….

  10. Osbasso 2012.01.27 6:14am

    I was so taken by the picture that I didn't notice the title! You DO love me, don't you? 🙂

  11. Advizor54 2012.01.28 5:51am

    I'm out of words tonight. Stunned by beauty into verbal submission

  12. Max 2012.01.28 3:34pm

    No, I don't think it will. 🙂

    Gorgeous gorgeous pic….

  13. 24 2012.01.29 6:15pm

    You are the complete package!!! Xxxxxx

  14. both.hands.please 2012.01.30 6:07pm

    I tried valiantly to silence the thoughts that immediately sprang to mind upon laying eyes on this exquisite vision..

    but failed miserably.

  15. MrM 2012.01.31 3:36am

    This, this is perfection.

  16. Cheeky Minx 2012.01.31 9:48am

    Jack and Jill: And yet it is your comment that's taken my breath clear away, J&J…

    Southern Sir: Your comment has me once again left me feeling profoundly fortunate and grateful, sir…

    Vincent Vega: I only hope I can surprise you in this way every week…

    James: Careful what you wish for, J… 😉

    Os Shirt: Oh you… 😉

    Buddha: What a truly glorious thing to say, B. But open myself up to the light even more than this? I fear my imperfections are a little shy when it comes to the bright…

    the late phoenix: Yes, yes, it's a date. And I think Visconte is the perfect choice…

    Mia Wallace: Thank you very much, lovely. I'm deeply touched…

    Amazon Woman: As are your words, my gorgeous gal…

    Os: Hmmm, I could have sworn that was you in that shirt up there… And in answer to your question… ;P

    Advizor: “Stunned by beauty into verbal submission”… Here's something I'd like to see up close…

    Max: You don't? Oh… I guess I'll just have to keep exorcising this addiction with the help of my trusty camera… 🙂

    24: Oh my… You certainly know how to make this girl smile…

    both.hands.please: Now all you need to do is step a little closer and whisper each syllable into my ear, bhp…

    MrM: I do believe I could say the very same about your comment…

    Gorgeous guys and dolls, thank you again for your wonderful, glorious words and support… xxx

  17. JM 2012.02.01 10:45am

    You have answered your very question in the glorious vision I see before me. The light that bathes you so ellegantly is the very light that will shine the way forward from the devastation, the obsession. I promise you that the light will reveal to you, that which you desire and more.

    J xx

    PS: This is such a stunning vision once again. You are always such a vision of perfection my dear friend.

  18. Sophia 2012.02.01 4:28pm

    Your words touch me… Makes me think.
    If obsession is light and passion and sultry desire is darkness then by all means come back to the dark and rejoin me. 🙂

    Beautiful picture by the way. You look lovely in both light and dark.


  19. Cheeky Minx 2012.02.05 6:52am

    JM: I sincerely hope you're right, J. But for now, your words and friendship sooth and heal and temper this obsession… x

    Sophia: How could I possibly resist such a tempting proposition?! Thank you once again for your glorious words, my lovely… x

  20. Anonymous 2012.02.21 3:16am

    your body is delightful.


  21. Cheeky Minx 2012.02.21 12:22pm

    I'm so very glad you think it so, BP…