In the Still

You linger. You linger still.

You linger in the quiet, in the hush, in the velvet shadows of this sultry night, in the silvery glow of the moon, in the fine beads prickling my skin, in the delicate fingers tracing the body of your once incendiary desire, in the whisper, the whimper, in the cry, in the bloom of my lips, the tingling of my tongue, the breasts creamy and fair, the nipples of the softest pink, in the peaks of the darkest crimson reaching out for your sweet kiss, in the sensual sway of my hips as I ease away the cotton, the lace, the silk sodden with my deep, demanding feminine lust.

You linger. You linger still.

You linger in the noise, in the riot, in the late summer storm, in the lightning cracking its whip, in the blood thudding, pumping through these veins, in the bright glistening cunt aching, longing, yearning for your perfecting flesh, in the cries, in the moans as my passion climbs its way to you, as it finds you, as you find me, as you come back to me, your body under me, your hard thick uncut cock impaled inside my clutching sex, this fine back arching, my hands seizing, giving, committing to memory the masculinity, the man who invariably leaves me weak, our bodies gliding, our bodies grinding, your own hands touching, possessing, reaching up to stifle, to bind, to free the screams of our darkest carnal pleasure.

You linger. You linger still.

You linger in the here, in the now, you linger and take me, you linger and claim me, with the slightest word, with the smallest gesture, with the voice, the breath mellifluous, reaching out from across the sea, from the other side, from this room of our own, your body my shelter, your desire my home.

  1. max 2012.01.09 2:48pm

    that is what i want to do. linger with you.

  2. Jack and Jill 2012.01.09 4:57pm

    We love the fact that, just as much as your photos do, your words exude sensuality. You make every word count, just as any good writer should. Reading this was a very erotic experience.

  3. Cheeky Minx 2012.01.10 10:35am

    max: It's a date…

    Jack and Jill: Your incredibly generous words have left me speechless, breathless. But the highest praise is the fact my own erotic experience is now yours too. Thank you, J&J…

  4. distrini 2012.01.11 4:33pm

    Your words linger in me…

    Truly lovely…

  5. Cougar in Training 2012.01.14 1:29pm

    You are incredibly sexy and a very talented writer!

  6. Cheeky Minx 2012.01.16 1:41am

    Sophia: I sincerely hope they always do just that, lovely…

    Cougar in Training: Thank you for the truly generous and humbling words, gorgeous gal…

  7. both.hands.please 2012.01.30 6:16pm

    It is in these pages of yours CM, where the darkest carnal pleasures are freed in me.

    It's not a question of lingering, but one of never leaving.

  8. Cheeky Minx 2012.01.31 9:57am

    I dearly hope that's a promise, bhp…