4_ApparatusIn the forgetting, in the act of extinguishing our fire,
in the struggle to rid my body of its erotic longings, its carnal addiction,
it is the shutter’s click, it is this sweet yet cruel apparatus that serves as a reminder of you.

  1. OsShirt 2011.12.18 4:12am

    Who you taking pics of that you need to forget???

  2. Vincent Vega 2011.12.18 5:33pm

    I love self shots like this.

  3. distrini 2011.12.19 6:37am

    Beautifully written… makes me feel… well I am not sure how it makes me feel right now. I am off to contemplate…


  4. Cheeky Minx 2011.12.19 11:08am

    Os: The photographs are of yours truly. But the dark-eyed man is the one in need of forgetting…

    Vincent Vega: I love them too. Thank you so much…

    Sophia: Thank you, lovely. And the fact I've left you feeling, in need of contemplation, is the most wonderfully high praise…


  5. Southern Sir 2011.12.19 11:36am

    The words spoken, the expression of the photo, left me feeling such a range of emotions.

    Mostly, it makes me want to take you in my arms, hold you tightly, my fingers running gently through your delicate curls.

  6. Advizor54 2011.12.19 4:49pm

    Any time I get a glimpse of your beautiful face I long to reach out and take you away, but then in all our happiness you wouldn't have anything to write about except rainbows and unicorns…


  7. Shutter clicks can wash away so much.

  8. JM 2011.12.22 10:42am

    Yet it is this apparatus that lets us see the world as you see it, the light as you command it, the shadows that threaten to consume it. This window into you, is a treasure, and even though it can be a cruel reminder, it is also a subservient partner in your wonderful, beautiful and erotic story telling.

  9. Cheeky Minx 2011.12.23 8:15am

    Southern Sir: If the words and the photo make you feel a range of emotions, then I am truly grateful. But if they also have you wanting to extend those thoughts into action, then gratitude becomes pure good fortune…

    Advisor: O ye, of little faith. I can morph rainbows and unicorns (and that 'horn') into filth very easily…

    Hyacinth: Yes, they can. And yet, they can also capture, embalm, save for posterity the man, the passion, the longing…

    JM: I'm so glad you think so – I feel blessed you think so – because this is just how I feel about your relation to the camera…

  10. Amazon Woman 2011.12.30 11:04am

    You are more beautiful than what I can even imagine…

  11. Cheeky Minx 2012.01.02 7:17am

    You're too good to me, my gorgeous Amazon Woman…