His gaze doesn’t leave mine for a moment as takes me again, his hands on my hips, on my fair, shimmering skin, guiding me out of the kitchen’s darkness, away from my moment of respite, pressing me back into the golden lamplight, into the cold stuccoed arch.

But it isn’t the unforgiving chill of the wall that curves my back, that has my fingers grasping, clawing, that compels my body to seek out his hard, masculine flesh, that sends a violent ripple clear through me.

It is his touch, hot and heavy, insistent on my neck, my breasts, the flat line from my abdomen to my naked mound. It is his mouth, feasting off the lips bruised by his kiss, feeding off my hungry, seeking tongue. It is his imposing body, kneeling before me, wordlessly demanding my desire, my passion, silently possessing me as he plunges two rough digits into this slick and greedy velvet, fingering, fucking, crooked to find that gloriously maddening spot, his tongue intermittently lashing out, raking over my clitoris, his forearm tense, giving its strength, its speed, its sweet brutality, his fingers thrusting, fucking, fucking me hard, fingering me harder, his eyes calling me, commanding me to obey, daring me to defy, his eyes, his fingers, his body, his thick and straining cock needing my fire, my libations, my blistering glisten, my moan, my scream, the hot pool of my come.

  1. Anonymous 2011.11.27 10:54am

    This moment haunts me still. It stings me to my very core, rises up inside me, manifests itself in the very arousal that found its way inside you over and over again. These words, these memories, upon reading this come flooding back like the sweet nectar that flowed copiously across the palm of my hand. Yet I yearn for more..

  2. OsShirt 2011.11.27 4:32pm

    I believe I used the word 'envious' before…

    btw–you definitely “stepped up”. 😉

  3. Southern Sir 2011.11.27 5:08pm

    Such a deep moving moment that touches one deep within their core. Passions fire burns hot and bright fueled by endless desire. To be joined as one in that moment of ravenous craving when time itself ceases to exist and nothing else matters but the fierce appetite yearning to be sated. Never though is it enough for the hunger sated for a short time returns.

  4. Lady Dragonfly 2011.11.28 12:27am

    Yes, mmm.

    You have succeeded in capturing my attention, my needing, wanting such a moment myself now, that animal hunger. This is the sort of desire that is never satisfied, that always wants more, and yet is astounded in the memory of what already has been.

  5. notaperfectlife 2011.11.28 4:40am

    Damn girl…. I am taking a big breath here. Glad you had a great time. =)


  6. both.hands.please 2011.11.28 6:51pm

    Oh that it may have been these digits that plundered such velvet depths, these hands that raked across your breast, and cupped your wanton flow.

  7. JM 2011.11.29 12:58am

    “Wordlessly” is what stands out in this deliciously erotic piece for me. When eyes, hands, bodies do all the talking that is necessary, makes for extremely intense feelings. The fact this Man drove you to such carnal heights excites me, arouses me, makes me “yearn”. Beautiful, stunning and amazingly visual once again my dear Minx.

    JM xxxx

  8. 1manview 2011.11.29 5:43pm

    Passion filled write full of imagery. You always bring the heat..

  9. Max 2011.11.29 7:15pm


  10. Cheeky Minx 2011.12.06 11:06am

    Anon: Then more you shall have…

    Os: I'm very glad to hear it… 😉

    Southern Sir: I couldn't agree more. Moments like these merely incite and inspire the hunger. Thank you for your wonderful comment, sir…

    Lady Dragonfly: If there's a woman out there who can truly appreciate this kind of insatiable desire and its complex relation to memory, it is you, lovely lady…

    Sophia: Thank you so much, gorgeous gal. Such a great time was had that my breath was also deep and raspy…

    both.hands.please: It makes me smile rather slyly (and my body hum) knowing you envy him so, bhp…

    JM: Yes, it's that very silence that heightened the eroticism of this moment for me too. Thank you so much for your incredibly generous words, once again…

    1manview: If I can keep you warm, I'm a very happy woman, 1man…

    Max: A truly perfect word and response. Thank you…

  11. max 2011.12.12 8:54pm

    i want all of that.

  12. Cheeky Minx 2011.12.19 11:00am

    Ask and ye shall receive, max…