HNT: Kiss These Lips

85_Kiss these lips...

Kiss these lips
Feed them your flesh, your secrets
Whisper into them desire
The cravings you long for in the night

(Remember to knock on Osbasso’s door to see this week’s gorgeous players…)

  1. Frechundherzlich 2011.10.19 7:39pm

    The lips of a`angel, yes I will like to kiss them. Because to kiss one angel is to meet the heaven on earth.
    To feel your soft, sweet skin alone through my lips, to taste your romantic shining…….please heaven forgive me my thinks !

    You are so beautiful………

    Nice greets

  2. Adam 2011.10.19 8:42pm

    Mmm..would love to kiss those lips but is it ok if I begin with kissing your lovely, exposed neck first?

  3. Cougar in Training 2011.10.19 9:17pm

    Very kissable indeed!

  4. Southern Sir 2011.10.19 10:26pm

    Such sweet tender lips,
    to light upon them,
    feel their softness
    Taste their sweetness.
    How they yearn to be caressed
    savored as a fine wine
    that over comes the senses
    Passionate delight in the flesh.

  5. the late phoenix 2011.10.19 10:48pm

    this pic, like a scene from a fine film long ago,
    when sex was sex and passion was firm.
    i hone in like a homing beacon,
    my head touches lips, we kiss in turn.

  6. OsShirt 2011.10.20 12:39am

    Yeah…the neck would definitely see some action…

  7. Gigi 2011.10.20 12:48am

    It's not just the lips that are kissable … That jaw line is smooth and beautiful and kissable too

  8. James 2011.10.20 1:14am

    what amazing lips, and that neck is very sexy. let me kiss and nibble it a little

  9. JM 2011.10.20 1:49am

    The crave! Oh the crave! Those lips that I long to kiss (again), the supple neck inviting me to touch, and your ear, as if presented to me, to my mouth, to my tongue!

    it's days like this that make me want time to be under my control.

  10. 1manview 2011.10.20 3:45am

    The picture captivated the softness of your vision. The softness of the prose, captivated the essence of the picture… Lovely post …

  11. Supercock 2011.10.20 3:53am

    I would kiss them all night long 🙂

  12. 13messages 2011.10.20 5:01am

    Beautiful. As it happens, I'm listening to a song with these lyrics: “Kiss me like a stranger once again.” Seems to fit nicely as I read your words.

    Have a great evening.

  13. Molly 2011.10.20 3:51pm

    Actually it is your neck that is calling out to me….


  14. boneman 2011.10.20 7:11pm

    Good erotic is such a rarity these days.
    But, not from you.
    It seems to be the standard that you easily spring over each week.


  15. Advizor54 2011.10.20 7:51pm

    There are moments in life when you stop and say, “Damn, I wish I was a vampire.”

    Granted, that doesn't happen often, but it's happening right now.

  16. GoodWill 2011.10.20 9:26pm

    LOVE this pic Minx…so beautiful, so sexy. I've been out of the blogging-loop for awhile, so this is a welcome surprise to return to. HHNT!

  17. Soul Knight 2011.10.20 11:43pm

    you always make me burn with desire…

  18. viemoira 2011.10.21 12:29am

    Lovely neck…HHNT! 🙂

  19. France 2011.10.21 2:32am

    Your ear lobe is just as appealing as your neck and kissable lips. It is nice to have a different view of your beautiful face! 🙂

  20. Emmy 2011.10.21 3:10am

    Your jaw line longs for butterfly kisses. Gorgeous!

  21. pocket69rockettz 2011.10.21 6:32am

    I feel the cravings of a vampire

  22. Jack and Jill 2011.10.21 7:21am

    Lovely, sensual, and erotic.

  23. M 2011.10.21 2:04pm

    That could well be the cover of your next book right there Cheeky. Beautiful as always…

  24. TheLadyConcealed 2011.10.21 2:06pm

    You write beautifully. Just a thought I had. I'm sure they're not words new to your ears, though.

  25. stareintotheabyss 2011.10.22 3:29pm

    Such sweet poetic comments from your many admirers. Makes me feel kind of deviant, actually, reading their soft praises. The first thought that came to my mind was how much I wanted to defile that beautiful face, deflower those lips. Is that wrong? Do I need help?

  26. Sophia 2011.10.23 12:02am

    You are beautiful… that hair, that neck, your lips… oh and of course your writing.
    Sexy, sensual and erotic. Love this post.

  27. Max 2011.10.23 12:51am

    As delectable as your lips are, your neck and jawline are equally delicious…. Damn, just damn….

  28. Cheeky Minx 2011.10.24 7:47pm

    Sweet, sexy, pretty things, your sensual delights have made these lips smile oh so wickedly. Thank you… xxx

  29. Soul Knight 2011.11.02 5:10pm

    oh had to come back once more….


  30. both.hands.please 2011.11.04 4:52pm

    Good lord woman!!

    A gentle and welcome reminder of just how incredibly beautiful you are.

    A thousand thanks.

  31. Cheeky Minx 2011.11.07 7:58pm

    Soul Knight: For the record, I wholeheartedly approve of double dipping…

    both.hands.please: The thousand thanks are definitely mine after such incredible words, bhp…