All I have to give, all I have to offer is this woman here before you, this fair, imperfect surface, these uniquely feminine depths, this mind sharp and hungry and inquiring, this gaze blue, this skin soft, this body supple, this body become electric with your briefest grazing touch, this body yearning to explore possibilities infinite and endless, the sensual, the carnal, the craved, the unimagined, the woman to your man, this body longing to worship, to venerate, to know you, this body on its knees whispering the benediction so deserved, these lips kissing, tasting, feasting, these fingers charting, mapping, rejoicing, this cunt giving, taking, fucking, at one with your thick hard perfecting flesh, this heart beating, beating, beating, beating passion, love, desire, beating night, beating day, beating crazed against your chest, these arms wound tight, these arms wound right, wound with freedom and belonging, wound with flesh and blood, with fire, with the need to live this short, sweet life in the present, in this now.

  1. OsShirt 2011.10.03 3:26pm

    If that's all you've got, I'll take it. Though I'll bet there's more!

  2. Advizor54 2011.10.03 6:13pm

    Your offer of love and dedication is so eloquent, does he ever take you up on it?

    If not, please give me a call.


  3. Cheeky Minx 2011.10.04 8:13am

    Os: Very glad to hear it. And there is much more – a good deal of it involving my exhibitionist streak and an addiction to lingerie and a certain brand of photography…

    Advizor: Since the gentleman in question is at a loss for words in the face of this offering, I'm guessing he'll be passing. So you just might get that call in the future…

  4. Advizor54 2011.10.04 12:38pm

    Ohhhh, now you are just teasing me…. My phone number is……

  5. Max 2011.10.04 2:42pm

    Beautiful words of passionate longing….

  6. nilla 2011.10.04 3:41pm

    delightful. intense. erotic.


  7. Jack and Jill 2011.10.04 9:22pm

    Very exciting and vivid. This is an offering anyone would be honored to receive.

  8. notaperfectlife 2011.10.05 3:29am

    There is nothing imperfect about you…
    Beautiful lustful words. Love them..


  9. 1manview 2011.10.05 5:17am

    Such a vivid passionate offering of one self worth..

  10. Cheeky Minx 2011.10.09 7:36am

    Advizor: Who's the tease?!

    Max: I'm so thrilled you think so…

    nilla: It's wonderful to know this piece reads in such a way…

    Jack and Jill: I'm genuinely touched. Thank you…

    Sophia: If only that were true, lovely. I live in hope my desire, hunger and affection outweigh the imperfections…

    1manview: I'm so glad I was able to translate the passion I was feeling…