The winds they howl; screaming, crying, lashing the cold, hard rain against the glass, uprooting earth and flowers and trees, destroying the material world once so solid beneath my feet.

The winds they howl; wailing, moaning, breathing life into this torment, this longing that tears mercilessly at this woman wanton, that whispers cruelly into the long, deep dead of night, that caresses me with the sweet gruffness of his voice, the sound of my name on his lips, the weight of his body bearing down, his thick hard beguiling flesh, the hands possessing me tight, the touch, the kiss, the fire setting me free.

The winds they howl; groaning, yelling, words of dissonance, of resonance, remainders, reminders of the feelings that make perfect yet little sense, that flood my mind with its complexity, that knot my stomach, that seize my heart, that capture my skin and flesh and cunt and soul, racing, pulsing, pounding with its simplicity, that have me crazed and yearning, that have me wanting him, wanting us, needing you in every way, in every way I have imagined, in every way this passion has yet to conceive.

The winds they howl; the winds they howl. My love for you, the winds they howl.

  1. notaperfectlife 2011.09.25 1:37pm

    Love this part “…the hands possessing me tight, the touch, the kiss, the fire setting me free.” for I know this so well. 🙂
    I love this poem.


  2. Osbasso 2011.09.25 2:17pm

    Gee. The only thing the wind does for me is mess up my hair (well, that's not true–I don't have any). 😛

    Have I ever mentioned I love your writing?

  3. Eccentric Owl 2011.09.26 8:55pm

    Desire well written
    The howling fills the moment
    Yearning rents the heart

  4. Mediocrity 2011.09.26 9:06pm

    I would have to agree with Osbasso. I too, love your writing.

  5. Cheeky Minx 2011.09.28 11:22am

    Sophia: It warms my heart knowing this piece resonated with such feeling and truth…

    Os: You have many times over. But I never tire of hearing it…

    Eccentric Owl: It does indeed. Thank you so much for your poetic praise…

    Mediocrity: I'm deeply touched. Thank you, lovely…