HNT: Riven

80_RivenPassion … Crazed
Soul … Divided
Flesh … Riven
Woman … Undone

(Remember to knock on Osbasso’s door to see this week’s gorgeous players…)

  1. Osbasso 2011.09.14 8:57pm

    Spectacular. Just like every other shot you've ever posted. I'm a bit undone myself!

  2. Supercock 2011.09.14 9:01pm

    Damn that button, not quite enough undone, but what a fabulous shot! LOVE IT!

  3. the late phoenix 2011.09.14 9:18pm

    ooooh, life-sized pic!!! 😉


  4. stareintotheabyss 2011.09.14 11:22pm

    There it is, that collarbone I love to bite.

  5. Gigi 2011.09.15 12:14am

    you are so beautiful every week I say the same thing.. just stunning! Your words are so beautiful too.

  6. Advizor54 2011.09.15 12:44am

    Simple beautiful divided….

  7. JM 2011.09.15 1:05am

    It's like I'm looking through a high end magazine, stopping to take a long look at the model who is so stunningly advertising a new perfume. I think I want to buy it too!


  8. MinorityReport 2011.09.15 1:41am

    And it leaves me wondering what you're thinking here.

  9. Amazon Woman 2011.09.15 10:28am

    Is it a euphemism to say that you are taking us to new heights?

  10. Max 2011.09.15 11:15am

    I'm sitting here trying to will that last button to pop…. Damn, it's not working. 🙂

    But I know I'm just being greedy. Yet again, this is a beautiful sensual pic.

    Happy HNT!

  11. Molly Rene 2011.09.15 12:54pm

    Another fabulous shot.

  12. vanillamom 2011.09.15 1:25pm


    love the not-quite-stark contrast of flesh and fabric…the shadows hint at things unknown, but wished for…


  13. Libidinous Man 2011.09.15 4:33pm

    Very erotic.

  14. Lusting Lola 2011.09.15 8:54pm

    Gorgeous, as always!

    I'm sure you'll do something creatively, erotic for the Post-It theme.

    “Mrs Cheeky Minx Cleaver has a rather nice ring, no?” *giggle*

  15. James 2011.09.15 11:52pm

    80 is great!

  16. notaperfectlife 2011.09.16 2:12am

    Love your pic and your words…

    ~~ Sophia

  17. Emmy 2011.09.16 3:56am

    Love the way the light makes your neck look quite nibbleable. 🙂

  18. Pocket RockettZ 2011.09.16 6:38am

    You are insanely beautiful, and your photos blow me away.

  19. KaziGrrl 2011.09.16 9:48am

    So sexy! 🙂



  20. Soul Knight 2011.09.16 5:59pm

    this shot is so damn sexy…

    I need some alone time now!!!!

  21. Just Jules 2011.09.16 9:34pm

    fabulous – always

  22. 24 2011.09.16 10:45pm

    Mmmm I'm feeling your passion.

  23. Cougar in Training 2011.09.17 10:09am

    Beautiful. Your pictures are always sexy and beautiful…and truly inspiring!

  24. Cheeky Minx 2011.09.18 5:56am

    Thank you so much for the words that soothe and sate and inspire, my sweet, sexy, pretty things… xxx