It’s almost late; it’s almost ten, the quiet of the night finally setting in. And the only thing I want right now is you in my bed.

On this night, I need its softness, your hardness, its crisp clean whiteness, your naked body spread out before me on the pristine purity I long to soil with our sweat, our slick, our come. On this night, I want to take you slowly, sensually, my impatience this once contained as I kiss you lightly, deeply, my lips and tongue tasting, devouring, my nose inhaling, drowning in your scent, my gaze tracing, my hands mapping, these fingers brushing, possessing, my cunt enveloping, acquiescing, my hips gliding, riding, your cock, your heat caressing, overtaking, our passion climbing, cresting, your deep voice groaning, your deep voice calling, your hot seed splashing, my fiery glisten coating, our spent bodies curling, entwining, our spent bodies even then ever yearning, my senses committing, memorising your power, your desire, your flesh, my senses drinking, drifting, falling, dreaming of the body magnetic, of the man by my side whose sweet, mellifluous breath leaves me in a daze.

  1. OsShirt 2011.09.06 2:23pm

    Mellifluous? Whew!

  2. Gigi 2011.09.06 7:09pm

    I can't read your posts in the middle of the day anymore.. now I'm all turned on with no warm breaths on my body 😉

  3. Cougar in Training 2011.09.06 9:01pm

    I'm not sure what's hotter, what your write or your pictures!!!

  4. Lady Dragonfly 2011.09.06 10:25pm

    Hypnotic… and hot! Oh, yes, bed, mmmmm…..

  5. Amazon Woman 2011.09.07 7:39am

    I should not have read this, now I just want the same…. Huge sigh! 😉

  6. Sensuelle 2011.09.07 9:45am

    I love the passion your words invoke so beautifully – and I too long for the same.

  7. Advizor54 2011.09.07 1:45pm

    ” acquiescing “
    what a wonderful word, because it captures the truth that we are petitioners before the throne, and you are the royal princess who allows us entry. Without your blessing, we are left wanting.

  8. Riff Dog 2011.09.07 5:42pm

    Yeah, I think I could be convinced to be the one to join you in that bed.

  9. stareintotheabyss 2011.09.07 8:23pm

    CM, you know I love your prose, since the moment I met you I've loved your prose, but on some occasions can I just put the dictionary away, leave the acquiescing aside and just throw you over my shoulder, carry you to my cave and do what I wish with you?

  10. 1manview 2011.09.08 3:11pm

    Whew, very sensuous… I'm glad I have someone to snuggle up too after reading this…

  11. Cheeky Minx 2011.09.14 11:25am

    Os: I rather enjoy leaving you a little breathless…

    Gigi: We might need to do something about that… 😉

    Cougar in Training: You certainly know how to make me smile very wickedly. Thank you…

    Lady Dragonfly: You're too kind, milady…

    Amazon Woman: I hope you've managed to snag yourself a bed playmate in the past week, lovely…

    Sensuelle: I had a feeling you'd understand. Thank you for your incredible words, gorgeous gal…

    Advizor: And yet I feel as if I'm the fortunate one allowed to drink from the cup of man…

    Riff Dog: I'm glad to hear it, Riff. Very glad, indeed…

    stareintotheabyss: If you're good. Or very bad…

    1manview: Lucky you… I hope the two of you made good use of your lustful sensuality…

  12. notaperfectlife 2011.09.15 3:31pm

    mmmm so delicious…

  13. Cheeky Minx 2011.09.18 6:02am

    I'm tickled you think it so, Sophia…