HNT: With You

77_With you

With you
I want everything

With you
I want it all

With you
I want as never before

(Remember to knock on Osbasso’s door to see this week’s gorgeous players…)

  1. Osbasso 2011.08.24 9:47pm

    How convenient! Happens that I want all of you, too!

  2. Soul Knight 2011.08.24 10:11pm

    leaving nothing out, wanting that becomes this burning desire that can only be contained with all you have, all we have, as never before.

  3. both.hands.please 2011.08.24 10:34pm

    to rake over those sublime lines.. to map such devine contours.. lightly.. at first..
    is what these hands want.

  4. France 2011.08.25 1:07am

    I want to lie next to you… but it's probably not what you had in mind. 😉

    Sexy as always!

  5. the late phoenix 2011.08.25 2:53am

    this pic is amazing, the way the different layers of shadow fit together, it's all quite alluring


    adam, without the rib 😉

  6. The Muffin Fan 2011.08.25 3:38am

    All I'm saying is my dick is hard now. Thank you.


  7. 13messages 2011.08.25 4:01am

    So many cinematic scenarios in all of your photos. You're gorgeous.

  8. Question 2011.08.25 5:36am

    pure sexiness.

  9. KaziGrrl 2011.08.25 9:07am

    Nicely done!


  10. Frenchy's Secret Garden 2011.08.25 9:49am

    I'm like France, but, well, also know it's not what you want, blowing a kiss!

    Miss Penelope 😉

  11. MinorityReport 2011.08.25 10:53am

    The lighting in this photo is amazing…not as amazing/beautiful as the subject of the photo…but still. 🙂 HHNT!

  12. Molly Rene 2011.08.25 11:27am

    You have the best lingerie.

  13. Jas 2011.08.25 11:33am

    I always love your shots and words
    (sigh) Such piercing emotion xx

  14. Max 2011.08.25 12:25pm

    Gorgeous pic, you greedy girl. 🙂

    Happy HNT!

  15. Lusting Lola 2011.08.25 12:38pm

    Love the pose!


  16. Vixen 2011.08.25 2:12pm

    Love the writing…so perfect for such a sultry picture.


  17. Nolens Volens 2011.08.25 3:04pm

    Jeez…and I wonder what you'll do for the 100th… 🙂 HHNT!

  18. viemoira 2011.08.25 3:58pm

    Stunning! Happy HNT! 🙂

  19. Emmy 2011.08.25 5:55pm

    Your use of light and shadow against your body always amazes me. You are beautiful!
    Happy HNT!

  20. boneman 2011.08.25 7:48pm

    wow…like your spirit is climbing out of your body to meet with whatever it is entering.
    Really cool picture!

  21. Cougar in Training 2011.08.25 9:25pm


  22. Advizor54 2011.08.25 9:36pm

    I enjoy pictures where I have to look twice, where I have to look into the shadows to see the real you. It's so much like life.

  23. Shibari Reiss 2011.08.25 10:59pm

    Always delicious Minxy!!!

    and I always love that you post poetry alongside.


  24. Mit©helangelo 2011.08.26 12:29am

    Delightful image and words that speak to me like no others… You never disappoint Cheeky

  25. Elle 2011.08.26 6:06am

    Every week I struggle to find something smart to say, as your pictures always leave me speechless.

  26. 1manview 2011.08.26 6:28am

    Delightful post CM… Can feel that need of want…

  27. stareintotheabyss 2011.08.26 8:02pm

    More and more bold you become. More and more feeding my prurient senses rather than my romantic. More and more driving me toward grabbing rein and crop and making my way to you.

  28. Joanna Cake 2011.08.26 11:06pm

    Such a restful shot… the lighting and the texture… and yet… 🙂

  29. Cheeky Minx 2011.08.27 11:34am

    Gorgeous guys and delectable dolls, your glorious words fuel this fire, this need, this want. Thank you very much… xxx