HNT: Prowl

74_ProwlOn velvet plush
This kitty cat
Mewls and purrs
Prowls and slinks and wriggles
Trailing behind
The thin black line
For you to trace and kiss
And follow

(Remember to knock on Osbasso’s door to see this week’s gorgeous players…)

  1. Osbasso 2011.08.04 12:16am

    I'm normally terribly allergic to cats, but I think I could suck it up if I had to! I see lots of things needing my attention!

  2. France 2011.08.04 12:32am

    I'm mesmerized by the smooth looking uncovered skin and I wonder… if you're wearing anything under that skirt! 😉

  3. MinorityReport 2011.08.04 12:35am

    I love all of the textures in this photo.
    HHNT. 🙂

  4. thesecretivewriter 2011.08.04 12:51am

    lovely composition cheeky.

  5. the late phoenix 2011.08.04 1:58am

    oh what gorgeous gams!

    cat lover :*

  6. Emmy 2011.08.04 3:40am

    Love the glimpse of your skin at the top of the stockings. Gorgeous image that makes the mind whirl.
    Happy HNT!

  7. Mit©helangelo 2011.08.04 4:05am

    The cat's meow! indeed 😉

  8. Shibari Reiss 2011.08.04 4:34am

    oh sweet bejeebers Minxy darling…
    you are always AH-MAY-ZING!
    and the writing speaks for itself.

  9. Advizor54 2011.08.04 4:44am

    It's nice to see a different side of your “personality.”


  10. 1manview 2011.08.04 5:43am

    Stunning is your beauty… Priceless is your words…

    I really enjoyed his post cheeky Minx…

  11. Pocket RockettZ 2011.08.04 7:05am

    A kitty to pet indeed.
    This is is almost too sexy.

  12. James 2011.08.04 12:18pm

    Very sexy.
    here, kitty, kitty.

  13. Mr. Smith 2011.08.04 2:50pm

    I wanna see where your prowling too… Very sexy pic

  14. max 2011.08.04 3:30pm

    this is a big WOW.

  15. Nolens Volens 2011.08.04 4:58pm

    Almost surreal! Great view, I couldn't stop looking. HHNT!

  16. KaziGrrl 2011.08.04 9:39pm

    Gorgeous pic, so sexy!!



  17. JM 2011.08.05 12:49am

    This is a view of you I could easily get used to! I could happily follow that black line for a very long time 😉

    Gorgeous as always CM, your talents are beyond compare!

  18. Lady Dragonfly 2011.08.05 12:41pm

    Lovely, fun, purrfect… (couldn't resist). Actually, cannot resist.

  19. Riff Dog 2011.08.05 7:36pm

    I must say, this is a real treat to see a number of new pix all at once. You're a very (make that VERY) sexy girl to begin with, but you really have a great artistic sense as well.

    Are your pictures all done with timers, or do use a photographer? If you haven't already done so, I think a post on your process would be really interesting.

  20. Rose, The Libertine 2011.08.07 4:47pm

    Pics like this make me realize I need a photo-partner. Gorgeous.

  21. Max 2011.08.07 5:26pm

    Delicious! I'm also wondering what (if anything) you have on under that skirt…. 🙂

  22. Cheeky Minx 2011.08.08 12:43pm

    Sweet, sexy, pretty things, your truly delicious words have me smiling and purring like the kitty that got the cream… or ate the canary… or the cream-covered canary… Thank you all very much. xxx

    (For those wondering what I'm wearing under the skirt, I'm leaving that one well alone since curiosity has a dastardly way with our feline friends. 😉

    And in answer to your question, Riff, this photograph and all the others on the blog were shot by yours truly. Even though a few were handheld, the remainder were shot using the wonders of self-timer technology.

    And while you're the picture of kindness suggesting I post about my process, I fear all it will accomplish is curing insomnia!)

  23. Riff Dog 2011.08.08 10:19pm

    Color me impressed that you pull these off with a self timer. If you do change your mind and post details, I promise not to snore!

  24. Cheeky Minx 2011.08.10 10:39am

    Your sweet-talking assurance may just tempt me to post, Riff…

  25. Supercock 2011.08.11 1:05am

    I would follow that line to the ends of the earth!

  26. Green Eyed Frenchy 2011.08.11 1:05pm

    A wonderful picture again, to me it is perfection! I LOVE IT!!! LOL!

  27. Easily Aroused 2011.08.11 1:50pm

    I am such a hopeless slave to the accoutrements of feminine sensuality, Minx – just as I am hopelessly enslaved by you…

  28. both.hands.please 2011.08.12 8:45am

    And follow we do. Wantonly. Blinded by desire.

    Beautiful Minx.

  29. Cheeky Minx 2011.08.14 8:39am

    Supercock: That's reassuring since I'm a whisper away from one of those ends…

    Frenchy: You're too, too good to me, you gorgeous creature!

    EA: You're not alone in your enslavement. You have the very same effect on me as you well know…

    both.hands.please: If this is even in the neighbourhood of the truth, you've made me a very happy woman…

  30. Soul Knight 2011.08.17 1:03pm



    and I would follow you anywhere…

  31. Cheeky Minx 2011.08.21 4:40am

    I may just be tempted to take full advantage of your compliance, Soul Knight…