HNT: The Light

72_The LightIn your darkness
I see the light

In your light
True, pure desire

In your desire
The home for which I long

(Remember to knock on Osbasso’s door to see this week’s gorgeous players…)

  1. Osbasso 2011.07.20 11:14pm

    Oh, you're talking about me now, aren't you? <3

  2. Adam 2011.07.21 1:04am

    Delicious, as always! Both the pic and the words are quite inviting 😉

  3. James 2011.07.21 1:28am

    i can definitely see the desire in that light. So beautiful, and a touch more of seeing you, as we see just a little lower. Hmmmm

  4. France 2011.07.21 1:46am

    Beautiful. Love the way the color of your hair just mesh with your cardigan, against your skin…

  5. the late phoenix 2011.07.21 1:50am

    *kissing your soft, creamy skin*

  6. Max 2011.07.21 3:12am

    Speechless…breathless…slack-jawed…. Gorgeous. The black sweater contrasted with your smooth white skin…. I'm out of words….

    Happy HNT!

  7. Mit©helangelo 2011.07.21 3:16am

    The light of pleasure and the darkness of desire… delectable as usual Cheeky

  8. Gucci Mama 2011.07.21 3:43am

    You are flawless.

  9. 1manview 2011.07.21 3:51am

    Short and all so sweet…

    ” In your desire
    The home for which I long” … Now that line hit home…

    The simplicity of the black and white image, with the black top you were wearing out shadowing everything, gave your body lines such clear curvature…

  10. Gigi 2011.07.21 4:07am

    ….. a beautiful woman…..
    You just have something wonderful about you.
    lovely shot

  11. JM 2011.07.21 11:34am

    Light, as in you are a shining star.

    Darkness, as in it follows us all, and finds us from time to time.

    Desire, an intense feeling, one I know only too well.

    Three words, one Woman, all Minx!

    You really are beautiful.

    JM xx

  12. Advizor54 2011.07.21 1:45pm

    I imagine you standing sleepily, just out of bed, grabbing a sweater to fight off the dawn chill, and closing your eyes as you fight the reality of a new day. But then, you open your eyes and see me….

    Ahhh, what a wonderful image, and the picture's pretty good too.

    🙂 Another beautiful picture.

  13. Nolens Volens 2011.07.21 3:28pm

    I can see why you are a favorite among bloggers, including me. You are definitely yummy. HHNT!

  14. Molly Rene 2011.07.21 7:01pm

    Another amazing shot.

  15. viemoira 2011.07.21 11:39pm

    exquisite!! HHNT! 🙂

  16. both.hands.please 2011.07.22 5:43pm

    This is one of those incredibly rare occasions where I find myself harbouring extremely jealous thoughts toward a cardie.


  17. Cheeky Minx 2011.07.23 2:40am

    Sweet, sexy, pretty things, your warm and wondrous words are my true, pure haven on this chilly, winter's day. Thank you so much… xxxxx

  18. stareintotheabyss 2011.07.23 7:39pm

    Such a gift you've given, CM, to a man much in need of such gifts. Thank you.

  19. MinorityReport 2011.07.24 1:26pm

    Another gorgeous post from you.
    Happy belated.

  20. Cheeky Minx 2011.07.27 5:11am

    stareintotheabyss: Yet, I would argue that your dizzying words are the true gift, KJ…

    MR: Thank you so much, lovely…

  21. Veritas 2011.08.01 2:42am

    yet another beautiful one….


  22. Cheeky Minx 2011.08.02 5:08am

    I thank you kindly, Veritas…

  23. Supercock 2011.08.11 1:12am

    What I love most about this picture is not your delicious breast, or tempting nipple, but the fact that I can see almost all of your face, and so long I have waited for that privilege. BEAUTIFUL!

  24. Easily Aroused 2011.08.11 1:54pm


  25. Cheeky Minx 2011.08.14 6:10am

    Supercock: I'm so touched you consider it a privilege…

    EA: You know how much your opinion – and high regard – mean to me, EA…