HNT: The Look of Love


To gaze and map and kiss
With sweetness, sensual bliss
To have, to hold
To merge and melt and fuse
With body soft, with man desired
To linger, to know
To soothe and sate and pleasure seek
With the pink, in the golden glow
To give, to take
To feel and fuck and love
With indulgence, decadence complete
Is to live

(Remember to knock on Osbasso’s door to see this week’s gorgeous players…)

  1. the late phoenix 2011.05.26 1:21am

    oh my lovely, such a beautiful face. and those curls, what a frame!

    love ya…

  2. Osbasso 2011.05.26 1:31am

    I think it's the curls.

  3. MinorityReport 2011.05.26 2:03am

    such a beautiful, soft shot.

  4. Max 2011.05.26 2:27am

    It is indeed to live. Beautiful words, gorgeous pic. Happy HNT! 🙂

  5. Adam 2011.05.26 2:27am

    Mmm…lovely and beautiful as usual! That looks like such a sweet, sexy morning smile.

  6. Supercock 2011.05.26 2:44am

    Oh wow, so revealing, lovely to see your beautiful face and fabulous smile.

  7. 1manview 2011.05.26 2:56am

    Lovely smile… One day we will get a peep at those eyes.. Maybe?

  8. Sir Thomas 2011.05.26 4:09am

    lips that were meant to be placed upon mine….




  9. Gucci Mama 2011.05.26 4:13am

    You are even more beautiful than I imagined you'd be.

  10. pocket rockettz 2011.05.26 7:46am

    Very soft and dreamy.

  11. ?uestion 2011.05.26 12:46pm

    simply beautiful

  12. Molls 2011.05.26 1:42pm

    I always love to see another redhead!

  13. Vixen 2011.05.26 3:30pm

    Stunning…. You are absolutely beautiful. Love this pic….


  14. Jack 2011.05.26 3:38pm

    Beautiful spiraling curls in beautiful colors, amazing.

  15. Gigi 2011.05.26 4:24pm

    I was instantly drawn to your lips! You are so beautiful and the pciture is just stunning

  16. 13messages 2011.05.26 4:53pm

    Yet another fantastic shot by you. All of your HNTs could be album covers.

    Have a great day.

  17. Green Eyed Frenchy 2011.05.26 7:29pm

    I also love this shot, It is a little different from the rest, it is soft and makes you feel like cuddling! Yes, it is life!

    As always, divine 🙂

  18. GoodWill 2011.05.27 12:27am

    Minx, you are undeniably gorgeous, such soft looking lips, beautiful face…and your words always as intriguing as you.

    Love it…HHNT!

  19. France 2011.05.27 12:58am

    Makes me want to touch those soft curls!

  20. JM 2011.05.27 2:14am

    There is an underlying and undeniable beauty in these words and this image that speak to me. A word comes to mind that I know well, and am fortunate enough to experience on a regular basis.


    With each passing week, we are fortunate to be given a little more insight into the inner workings of the wonderful and insightful mind of yours, and knowing that the mind is THE most powerful tool for intimacy, the only question that remains is what it would be like to truly know that with you.

    And then there is that image again…..

  21. nakedinhighheels 2011.05.27 5:48am

    Great shot and wonderful words

  22. Cheeky Minx 2011.05.27 7:20am

    Sweet, sexy, pretty things, I can't thank you enough for the words that envelope and embrace, comfort and caress… xxxxx

  23. James 2011.05.27 11:49am

    you have great lips

  24. H 2011.05.27 5:52pm

    so beautiful, love you hair, nose and sensual lips

  25. Elle 2011.05.27 10:17pm

    So pretty!

  26. Buddha 2011.05.28 6:31am


  27. Cheeky Minx 2011.05.29 1:27am

    The hair, the lips, the golden glow and I thank you very much, James, H, Elle and Buddha… xxxx

  28. Chapter Two 2011.05.31 7:10pm

    pretty lady

  29. Cheeky Minx 2011.06.01 10:54am

    Gorgeous, gorgeous, Chapter Two… x

  30. MilfPlease 2011.06.07 1:57pm

    you are so beautiful sweetie

  31. Cheeky Minx 2011.06.08 6:59am

    I'm so touched, MilfPlease… x