Free Fall

In that moment, she loses herself completely.

In that moment when his seductive body finally kisses her supple flesh, when his hands sensually travel along the curve of her hips, the taut line of her abdomen, when his lips and tongue circle the tender swell of her breasts, rousing the pale halos into aching peaks, when his mouth urgently devours her glistening sex, taking her to the very edge and back again, when his fingers mercilessly tease the rosebud with promises maddening, when his hard cock slowly invades her sweet, enveloping tightness, when his pulsing meat is buried so deep he cries out her name, when his molten gaze fixes, melts into the blue, she free falls into the abyss, drowning in its primal darkness, basking in its blinding light, floating on the quotidian jetsam at long last a faint and distant memory.

  1. Anonymous 2011.05.02 12:43pm

    Beautiful words and imagery Minx – they've struck a deep chord.

  2. Max 2011.05.02 4:45pm

    Beautiful and passionate words. How exhilarating, to lose oneself in the lover….

  3. Gigi 2011.05.02 9:06pm

    Just amazing….. beautifully written.

  4. Sir Thomas 2011.05.03 12:06am

    Oh my Minx… again with the lips? Oh I just know you were talking about me, I mean I could feel it, so hot, so damn…

    oh you make me so hungry

  5. Cheeky Minx 2011.05.03 7:02am

    Anon: I'm so touched the words have not only resonated so strongly but have left you with a lingering afterimage…

    Max: I couldn't agree more. Thank you for confirming I'm not alone in craving this electrifying state…

    Gigi: Thank you so much, lovely…

    Sir T: I only hope I can continue to inspire that hunger for many years to come, sir…

  6. Lady Dragonfly 2011.05.03 11:39am

    I love that moment. So amazingly well said.

  7. DAB 2011.05.04 7:55pm

    Your words do a fantastic job of describing the moment. Beautiful and sensual.

  8. Cheeky Minx 2011.05.05 1:24am

    Lady Dragonfly: This is high praise from such a talent. Thank you, lovely…

    DAB: I'm so very glad I could capture that moment for you in such a wonderful way…