HNT: Betrayal

60_satin + fire

In the end, it is her very own hand that betrays her: it is the vein rippling her ordinarily fair, silken surface; it is the blood, slick and fiery, coursing with a maddening need; it is the slight tremor of the slender digits curved in aching readiness to caress the skin crying out for his flesh, screaming out for release; it is her perpetually desiring body that offers her up, proving to him, beyond a shadow of a doubt, she is his present, she is his past, she is his seductively sweet and carnal hereafter.

(Remember to knock on Osbasso’s door to see this week’s gorgeous players…)

  1. GoodWill 2011.04.27 11:30pm

    Like every other week, Minx, you outdo yourself with words and photo.
    (BTW, in addition to always being turned on by your HNTs, I always find myself searching for better words to describe my thoughts…you invoke a certain desire to sound as sexy, classy and alluring as you do).

  2. the eternal list 2011.04.27 11:37pm




  3. Marcus Myself 2011.04.28 12:15am

    I never knew Aphrodite had moved to Aistralia but I have seen the proof. Will she allow me to worship at her alter?

  4. JM 2011.04.28 1:48am

    I think I can safely say that the words and images of a beautiful Minx have caused the betrayal of many a hand.

    I can see the pain in what you write, yet I can also see the lust, the want and the need.

    May your needs soon be filled dear girl, and may your past remain just a distant memory.

    JM xxx

  5. James 2011.04.28 2:27am

    mmmmm, Minx, once again you've outdone yourself in picture and words. thank you

  6. Supercock 2011.04.28 2:59am

    So alluring, both verbally and physically. The little peek of the nipple, the head turned away…gorgeous!

  7. Jobthingy 2011.04.28 3:27am

    Stunning. Simply Stunning.

  8. Max 2011.04.28 11:46am

    Simply beautiful, yet again this Thursday.

    Happy HNT!

  9. MinorityReport 2011.04.28 12:01pm

    A sexy photo…the little extra glimpse just puts it over the top. 🙂

  10. singedwingangel 2011.04.28 1:21pm

    beautiful words and photo

  11. Sir Thomas 2011.04.28 1:46pm

    A neck meant for lips,
    do you have set?

    I could let you barrow mine.

  12. Libidinous Man 2011.04.28 2:00pm

    This picture so makes me want to get carnal with you.

  13. Advizor54 2011.04.28 5:10pm

    i love the strength of your shoulders, the boldness with which you share each week, and the words that show us there is more to you than physical beauty

  14. Vixen 2011.04.28 5:52pm

    *sigh* …..this is an incredibly erotic and seductive photo. LOVE the hint of the dress coming down and your posture.


  15. Lady Grinning Soul 2011.04.28 6:58pm

    So incredibly beautiful. I do adore this.

  16. Mit©helangelo 2011.04.28 9:17pm

    Glamorous image and seductive words once again. No song to be sang this week… I came up empty-handed 😉

  17. Elle 2011.04.29 2:17am

    Oh. I missed these!

  18. 1manview 2011.04.29 3:16am

    The hair, the pose, the poem… Alluring ….

  19. Gigi 2011.04.29 3:43pm

    Vixen sent me… and hot damn I'm happy she did. Your words are beautiful you are beautiful…I'm a bit speachless. Wow!

  20. loveaffairdiary 2011.04.29 5:14pm

    Tres bon

  21. Joanna Cake 2011.04.29 11:42pm

    Loving the contrast of black and flesh x

  22. Cheeky Minx 2011.04.30 12:19pm

    Gorgeous guys and delectable dolls, your words are a little ray of sunshine on this dreary, autumnal day. Thank you so much… xxxxx

  23. Rex Venom 2011.04.30 1:10pm

    Lovely, sexy, and seductive
    Rock on!

  24. Buddha 2011.04.30 10:15pm

    Had to post this one. Couldn't help it. 🙂

  25. stareintotheabyss 2011.05.02 12:07am

    You may write that it's your hand, but with your eyes closed isn't it actually his. Isn't it much more than his hand even, the other parts too, filling your memory, filling your imagination, filling them as they filled you. The power of visualization, of memory, of desire borne from imagination, that's so impressively powerful, with such management of our body's responses. It's your hand, yes, physically, and worth little without your thoughts of him. I love the continued control he keeps.

  26. Cheeky Minx 2011.05.02 6:47am

    Rex: I'm so glad you think so. Very glad, in fact…

    Buddha: I'm unsure I can argue with that. I rather like it when you can't help yourself in this way… 🙂

    stareintotheabyss: How very right you are. It is me, it is him, it is our unique and collective desire. And in the end, the image performs that “continued control” as you so aptly put it…


  27. both.hands.please 2011.05.02 2:01pm

    Such a deliciously lithesome figure you cut. Never better accentuated than here in #60. Delightful.

  28. Cheeky Minx 2011.05.03 6:52am

    I'm so glad to hear I've managed to capture that quality, both.hands.please. Thank you for the wonderful words… x