I don’t want to rush. Not tonight. Not tonight.

Tonight, I want to linger, I want to stop time. I want to seize it, bend it, break it wide open, charging each endless moment with you, losing myself in fulfilling every one of your deepest, darkest desires.

I don’t want to rush. Not tonight. Not tonight.

Tonight, I need to feel and touch, caress, absorbing and consuming, venerating and possessing, my hands on your torso pressing you back gently into the wall, my hands gliding up along the soft, sweet curve of your neck, my hands travelling down spreading you wide, your thighs now mine, releasing the binds, the buttons, the prison keeping you hidden from my sight, my hands sliding, languorously stroking the eager thickening shaft, sliding, sensually weaving through the curls on your heaving chest, sliding, seductively curling around the tensing muscles of your nape, sliding, beguiling, captivating the space that cruelly separates, sliding, luring, finally delivering your lips, your breath, your groan, your kiss.

I don’t want to rush. Not tonight. Not tonight.

Tonight, I yearn to drown in your scent, to taste and feed on your flesh, devour the heat rising up through your skin, the passion simmering your mind, your very soul. I yearn to bury my nose in deep, inhaling the pungent perfume of your maleness, the tip tickling, tracing each smooth, perfect, willing hollow, the tip teasing, taunting, feather lips and tongue soon after follow, my mouth tormenting with its lightness, with the silken peaks so new and familiar, my mouth sating with its gluttony, with the urgent deepness of its swallow, my mouth, my lips, my tongue roaming, exploring, gorging on the meat throbbing, aching, on the pearls nestling, on the cockhead dripping, on the jewels, on the feast, on the shine with a freedom, with a hunger, with an addiction abandoned, enslaving.

I don’t want to rush. Not tonight. Not tonight.

Tonight, I crave our merging, our melting, our nakedly intimate union, our bodies bathed in shadows of sepia enigma, enveloped in hushed, sultry tones, our bodies seeking, questing, opening, giving, taking as I sink down onto your hard waiting flesh, as I take you deep into my tight velvet cunt, as I moan with the ecstasy of your life force pulsing inside me, as you groan with a power that steals the rapid heartbeat, as I ride you with languid undulation, as I ride you with fevered concentration, my hips swirling, flowing, my swollen clitoris pressing, rubbing, your glans filling, stretching, your cockhead straining at my limits, my sex grasping at your own, your hands mapping, caressing the fairest of thighs, the pert swell of my breasts, your body soaring, ascending, my fingers digging, branding, our gaze locking, eyes glowing with the fire, with the hunger for release, for that sweet and violent release, for the cream, for the flood, for the come that will mark you as mine, for the come that will mark me as yours, for the liquid heat, for the scolding libations longed for as no other, eyes glowing with the longing and the want and the need and the yearning and the craving for more, for more, for more … evermore.

I don’t want to rush. Not tonight. Not tonight.

  1. Max 2011.04.19 12:53pm

    No indeed, not tonight.

    Gorgeous writing…absolutely smoking.

  2. Osbasso 2011.04.19 1:59pm

    Rushing is never a good thing when one is savoring…

  3. Sir Thomas 2011.04.19 5:02pm

    good god lets never rush again, me and you…

    *swallows hard*

    I cannot even write something down after this. This is enough to drive a guy insane, well one that believes in this type of love making…. I believe

  4. Kimberly 2011.04.20 1:02am

    Oooh, yes. So fabulous!

  5. France 2011.04.20 1:30am

    I want and miss that *so* much!
    That was an awesome post.

  6. Cheeky Minx 2011.04.20 6:32am

    Max: After a night like that, we will indeed require that smoke…

    Os: I couldn't agree more…

    Sir T: Is it a little evil that I rather enjoy leaving you in such a crazed state?

    Kimberly: Thank you so much, lovely. And welcome…

    France: I think we should all have access to this at any given moment. Agreed?! Thank you, gorgeous gal…

  7. Marcus Myself 2011.04.20 1:28pm

    I feel the softness of your body on top of me. The languid flow of the temporal tide washes through me, every movement streched, lived fully. Every nerve alight as the smooth friction of your silken skin slides over me. I feel every inch of you and as I curl my hips upwards you feel every inch of me. My brain is alight with pulsing ecstasy, neurons never before engaged for pleasure now awash, stretching out to caress your concupiscent energy, drowning in your wanton need.

  8. Sir Thomas 2011.04.20 5:08pm

    YES… an evil I relish…..

  9. Green Eyed Frenchy 2011.04.21 10:47pm

    Oh shock! I just quickly sneaked, but now I will have to come back to read slowly and absorb every word. Fantastic!

  10. Cheeky Minx 2011.04.23 11:23am

    Marcus: Oh my… Aren't I the lucky girl to have inspired such wanton words? Thank you for the delicious comment…

    Sir T: If that's the case, my unique brand of evil shall continue…

    Frenchy: Hmmm, you weren't sneaking a peek at work by any chance?! By all means, come back and linger, sweet thing…

  11. Rex Venom 2011.04.24 12:59pm

    I know what I wish to do with my day (and night) now…
    Rock on

  12. Cheeky Minx 2011.04.26 12:30am

    I'm so glad I could provide some inspiration for whiling away the hours in the bright as well as the shadowed dark, Rex.

    It's lovely to have you back…