HNT: Pleasure State


Let me be
The pink
The state of your purest pleasure

Let me be
The one
The temptress in your mirror

(Remember to knock on Osbasso’s door to see this week’s gorgeous players…)

  1. the eternal list 2011.04.13 11:32pm

    you are simply stunning!

    RED passion burns inside me…

  2. Osbasso 2011.04.13 11:53pm

    I can only dream of seeing you in my mirror. And have done so on many occasions! 🙂

    You are quite the vision!

  3. Marcus Myself 2011.04.14 12:38am

    Why can I feel the softness of your breast in the palm of my hand? My hand aches with the feel of the delicate fabric lightly encasing your warm skin. I flex my hand, trying to make the sensation stop. Instead I feel your breast move with my caressing squeze and your erect nipple pressing into the center of my palm.

    A mirror? A reflection.
    Not of light though. Not of the outside but of the inside.
    A reflection of a desire.
    Is it my reflection? Or is it yours?

  4. Adam 2011.04.14 1:07am

    What beautiful wrapping – I'd love to tear it off though!

  5. thesecretivewriter 2011.04.14 1:30am

    beholding the image of beauty in red.

  6. Max 2011.04.14 2:29am

    You already are. Temptress in the mirror indeed…. Of all your sexy pics, this might be the very best.

  7. Mediocrity 2011.04.14 2:31am

    Gorgeous. Lovely hair, beautiful lips, nice breasts. Without a doubt you are very sexy.

  8. Green Eyed Frenchy 2011.04.14 3:10am

    In pink or red, you are fabulous, gorgeous Temptress!

  9. Mit©helangelo 2011.04.14 3:29am

    I see you in the red dress.
    You looking fly up in that red dress.
    Everybody is on you with that red dress.
    Don't know what it is about that red dress.

    *Sean Kingston*

    Bringing a song to mind once again…

  10. 13messages 2011.04.14 4:34am

    Oh, how I wish my town was a bit closer to yours. You're always so beautiful to see.

  11. Eden 2011.04.14 8:29am

    Hot and mysterious…..stunning pic. Red = deadly!

    Love your HNT, it is a great photo.

    Happy HNT 🙂

  12. France 2011.04.14 11:24am

    Damn I love mirrors! Red is so hot on you.

  13. Lady Seduction 2011.04.14 1:56pm

    There are many things about this picture I like… But your neck–long, graceful, strong–is especially sensual. Happy HNT!

  14. Vixen 2011.04.14 2:25pm

    Ah…mirror shots, love them. You look amazing in red.



  15. Lusting Lola 2011.04.14 2:31pm

    I ♥ Red! And you wear it so well. Stunningly gorgeous, as always.

  16. GoodWill 2011.04.14 6:24pm

    Exquisite as ever Miss Minx! Such a beautiful shot, beautiful body…


  17. Sir Thomas 2011.04.14 6:48pm

    Now that I have stopped breathing hard…. hot hot hot….

    french quater hot in New Orleans, you wanna run away and see?

  18. Supercock 2011.04.14 7:42pm

    A wonderful outfit on a delicious woman. Another triumphant HNT

  19. MinorityReport 2011.04.14 9:43pm

    That is a beautiful shade of pink, and you wear it well.

  20. James 2011.04.14 10:03pm

    You can be my pink any day. You look great.

  21. Dana 2011.04.15 1:13am

    Oh my … such a seductive photo …

  22. 1manview 2011.04.15 1:34am

    Lovely as always…

  23. Cheeky Minx 2011.04.16 12:20am

    Sweet, sexy, pretty things, you've blushed my cheeks the softest pink. Thank you for the words so beautiful and sensual… xxxxx

  24. MilfPlease 2011.04.18 1:08pm

    you are glorious. Love your hair, your look, your body…spectacular

  25. Heaven 2011.04.19 1:32am

    love the short poem… I am so glad to stumble upon your blog – its delightful to read.

    great picture~

  26. Cheeky Minx 2011.04.20 4:47am

    MilfPlease: Thank you so much for your truly generous words, on all counts…

    Heaven: I'm delighted to hear you're enjoying both the words and images. And welcome…

  27. Molly 2011.08.13 8:44pm

    I love using mirrors in my photographs but this puts anything I have done to shame. Brilliant.


  28. Cheeky Minx 2011.08.14 11:43am

    I have no doubt that's untrue, Molly. But I thank you for the words that have me smiling once again… x