Autumnal Yearning

All of a sudden, the new season is here. As the dusk settles behind the threatening rain clouds, it smells and feels and sounds like autumn at last.

And right at this very moment, the only thing I yearn for is your kiss, our mingled breath, your muted moan, our bodies in a sensual tangle, skin on skin, warmth on softness, man and woman, the music of our love making merging with the soundtrack of the world shutting itself in.

  1. JM 2011.03.28 9:36am

    The tags of desire and longing I know all too well. They are powerful yet tender emotions that drive us to reach those heady heights we seek.

    There is nothing better in my opinion than the skin to skin that you so beautifully express in this charming, erotic and delicate post.

    JM xxxx

  2. That Girl 2011.03.28 1:01pm

    happy spring!

  3. Osbasso 2011.03.28 1:33pm

    Sounds like the perfect way to ward off the impending chill in the air.

  4. Advizor54 2011.03.28 4:43pm

    Fall is my favorite time of year, the harvest is done, the hard work is over. Fall is about closing in, shutting down, sitting by the fire, opening a good book.

  5. Mediocrity 2011.03.28 7:42pm


  6. Sir Thomas 2011.03.28 9:27pm

    souls twisted, fingers intwined, lips pressing and the rain running off our naked bodies as the moon light peaks in from between the clouds with only us being able to here the thunder.

  7. Green Eyed Frenchy 2011.03.28 10:39pm

    Already autumn! There really is no season for longing and desiring, you express it so well, makes me want and sigh!

  8. Cheeky Minx 2011.03.29 6:22am

    JM: Nothing quite beats the warmth of naked skin. Well, almost nothing… Thank you so much for your gorgeous words.

    That Girl: Even though the autumn has barely arrived, I already envy your spring…

    Os: I believe it's also the way to ward off the negative effects from a variety of weather patterns.

    Advizor: I would have thought that roaring fire might be just the locale for a slightly different activity…

    Mediocrity: It means rather a lot you think so, lovely.

    Sir T: What a wonderfully evocative continuation, sir…

    Frenchy: Thank you so much, my lovely. I hope your sighs bring forth the very things that will sate your desires…

  9. obsessed 2014.07.07 2:33am

    doesn’t have to be Autumn x

    • Cheeky Minx 2014.07.11 4:56pm

      Perfect for every season I’ve found… 😉