His come rains down hard onto the smooth fullness of her well-fucked cunt, jet after jet of searing cream drenching her glistening lips, sizzling drops and drips etching her brightness with his name, marking her skin with his possession. As he straddles her supine form, muscular chest heaving, satisfied body recovering, she directs his heavy gaze to the delicate fingers gliding through his slippery essence, painting the swell of her breasts, the peaks of her nipples, tracing the folds of her flower, teasing the plump, greedy clitoris crying out for more.

But it is only once his fingers meet hers, sensually circling and fondling the pure pink pleasure; it is only once his gluttonous digits scoop up his thick seed, feeding it into the depths of her tight velvet heat; it is only once his spent cock finds new life again, driving into her with an urgent fury, merging the juices of their lust; it is only once the deluge saturates her sweet little cunt that her body opens to receive its right and its privilege, that her full mouth parts in ecstasy breathtaking, absolute and sublime.

  1. Osbasso 2011.02.15 3:57pm

    Hope your Valentine's Day was even a fraction as exciting as this!

  2. Green Eyed Frenchy 2011.02.15 9:00pm

    Breathtaking, absolute and sublime! Gasp!

  3. Sir Thomas 2011.02.15 9:27pm

    you have me at a lost for words, but really do I need any here?

  4. France 2011.02.15 10:00pm

    I can't say anything!!

  5. Advizor54 2011.02.15 10:35pm

    The image, the climax, the rebirth, the second go… all inspired by the feel of cock on skin. Fantastic.

  6. Max 2011.02.16 9:19pm

    Sublime indeed.

    I think the local forecast is calling for…rain. 😉

  7. Adulterous Letch 2011.02.16 11:29pm

    I never know what to say after your posts. You capture the moment so well, I feel like I'm there.

    And who wouldn't want to be there, with you? 🙂

  8. Cheeky Minx 2011.02.17 6:27am

    Os: I hope every day is a fraction as arousing for us all!

    Frenchy: I adore making you gasp, my lovely…

    Sir T: No, you do not. We should allow for another kind of language in these moments…

    France: Is it wicked that I take great pleasure from leaving you speechless, gorgeous one?

    Advizor: I can't help but find male flesh inspiring and arousing. I'm so glad you enjoyed the results, A…

    Max: Somehow, I doubt you'll be needing your brolly… 😉

    Letch: Since you are feeling the moment, perhaps we need to progress to the next (obvious) level… 🙂