The Small Hours

It is in the small hours of the silvery dark that our truth, the truth of our desires, our need, the veracity of the yearnings that stir our minds, arouse our bodies, tremble our souls rises up to meet us; to sigh and whisper, to sensually caress, to scream and shake and jolt us out of the somnambulist existence which often typifies our days in the bright.

It is in the shadowed quiet that the passions profound and profane overtake us, unwilling, unable to be kept any longer at bay. It is in this stillness, this dim that my flesh sings its torch song, my lips aching to feed and tongue to taste, my arms craving to soothe and fingers to trace, my heat hungering for communion, for otherness, for the sweetest of violations.

It is here, it is now, all pretence is stripped away and I can freely confess to the phantoms of the night, I can openly admit in the safety of this velvet embrace, I can finally own in the sphere of my reality and the realm of my wonder, he is the man I have always longed to meet.

  1. Sir Thomas 2011.02.07 1:55pm

    My heart now longs for this communion and only leaves a hungering heat behind…


  2. Supercock 2011.02.07 5:03pm

    and a lucky man he will be, I can betcha

  3. Adulterous Letch 2011.02.07 11:49pm


    It doesn't have to be the small hours of the night to be stirred by words like this. (Although it helps.)

  4. France 2011.02.08 3:16am

    So beautiful and full of hope!

  5. Anonymous 2011.02.09 6:36am

    if this isnt about me it should be.

  6. Cheeky Minx 2011.02.09 9:07am

    Sir T: It is terrible that I rather like leaving you hungering in this way?

    Supercock: This is more a case of confessing the truth in order to move on. Even so, I'm grateful you think him fortunate…

    Letch: While there's something about the night that strips my defences, I'm very glad the words can stir you in the light…

    France: To be completely honest, it isn't all that hopeful. But I thank you for thinking it beautiful, lovely…

    Anon: It might be…