HNT: Summer Storm


Gazing out onto the thundering summer storm, her reverie takes her to another time, another place, another age of men where the voracity of her passion, the nuances of her femininity, the intricacies of her heart, mind and body, her very soul, are craved, caressed and loved.

(Remember to knock on Osbasso’s door to see this week’s gorgeous players…)

  1. Osbasso 2011.01.05 10:33pm

    That doesn't sound like another time. That's happening right here and now!

  2. 1manview 2011.01.06 1:03am

    It's nice that some things stay the same…
    Nice peek_a-boo pic Cheeky…
    And a Happy New Year to you…

  3. MinorityReport 2011.01.06 2:00am

    I love summer storms. 🙂

    Beautiful photo.
    You look stunning (as always).

  4. Stealth 2011.01.06 2:34am

    Beautiful…I love storms and I love the lighting and your legs go on forever.

    Me? Jealous..nahhhhh

    HHNT Beautiful

  5. France 2011.01.06 3:36am

    Are you jumping on your bed? 😉

    That is an awesome picture and beautiful words to go along.

  6. Max 2011.01.06 4:02am

    Wow! You're starting the new year with a bang. Somehow your pics just keep getting sexier. Classy…beautiful. Happy HNT!


  7. James 2011.01.06 4:13am

    you can come and dance on my bed.

  8. Sadie Smythe 2011.01.06 5:11am

    It looks like your nuances are ready to do some damage to whomever is about to climb in that bed with you.

    Very beautiful lighting on an incredible body


  9. Libidinous Man 2011.01.06 6:04am

    You look so very, very yummy.

  10. Semi-Celibate Man 2011.01.06 6:13am

    Craved, hmmmm. Yes, that's the right word. 🙂

    Love the stockings. And the pic.

    Happy HNT.

  11. Mendicatus 2011.01.06 6:41am

    Very hot, as always…. HNY Minx x

  12. A Daft Scots Lass 2011.01.06 7:43am

    HAWT….you have great legs!

    HHNT, I'm up too

  13. Lady Grinning Soul 2011.01.06 10:06am

    Just so stunning… *happy sighs* I really do enjoy visiting you every week. Beautiful!
    LGS xx

  14. Black Matrixx 2011.01.06 12:57pm

    Hmmm…what other time and what other place?

    Such a lovely picture as always 😉


  15. Adam 2011.01.06 2:16pm

    Wow, I can't tell you how much I'd love to come home and find THAT waiting for me on the bed. Especially if a storm were approaching. Mmm!

  16. Chapter Two 2011.01.06 2:49pm

    and this is why you are cheeky

    yes very sensual

  17. Vixen 2011.01.06 4:02pm

    Oh this is definitely my new favorite of yours….. Love the pose and lighting. Absolutely beautiful.


  18. Tigress 2011.01.06 4:15pm

    The ever sexy you!!!!!!



  19. the eternal list 2011.01.06 4:37pm

    as before, i'm right there with you, just out of frame of this pic…

  20. Green Eyed Frenchy 2011.01.06 4:53pm

    Just love your B/W pictures! This one is another “masterpiece”!

  21. EllaGirl 2011.01.06 5:32pm

    Such amazing taste *gush* you speak to my mind, spirit, and body. Happy New Year. xo – E.

  22. Lusting Lola 2011.01.06 6:01pm

    Absolutely stunning…as always.
    Beautiful lighting, beautiful body.

    HHNT! 🙂

  23. thesecretivewriter 2011.01.06 6:10pm

    gorgeous cheeky!! There is no light that exists that you could look bad in… always.. breathtaking.

  24. Jericho 2011.01.06 8:20pm

    No surprise, really, but it's as if your body IS the light…I love the glow…

  25. FOGOSO 2011.01.06 9:52pm

    Delicioso el comentario y Vd.

  26. stareintotheabyss 2011.01.07 1:02am

    Like any good man, I had to zoom in and catch every detail as closely as resolution would allow. Love every bit of it and always want so much more. I suppose that's one of the measures of good erotic photography, leaving the audience always wanting more.

  27. stareintotheabyss 2011.01.07 1:07am

    Oh yeah, and the silhouette of that right nipple…..very delicious.

  28. Emmy 2011.01.07 3:45am

    Your pictures are always stunning. This one is ….wow!
    Happy HNT!

  29. Ms Scarlett 2011.01.07 4:34am

    It's really unfair how absolutely stunning you are… you set the bar very high!

    Gorgeous shot.. love the pose, the light, the stockings, the hair, the.. oh hell, everything…


  30. Adulterous Letch 2011.01.07 4:16pm

    Wow. Just… wow. You're… wow.

  31. Supercock 2011.01.07 7:32pm

    It's a good job I don't have a heart condition, holy hell woman!

  32. Elle 2011.01.07 11:40pm

    always so perfect!

  33. Autumn 2011.01.08 12:26am

    my dear, sweet cheeky minx…you are so beautiful and frankly, i want to touch your skin simply because it looks so glorious. just sayin'

    beautiful as always

    loves autumn

  34. Hubman 2011.01.08 1:24am

    Mmm, another beautiful shot…

    Happy (late) HNT

  35. Cheeky Minx 2011.01.09 8:26am

    Sweet, sexy, pretty things, your delicious words have me shivering, quivering on this steamy summer night… xxxxx

  36. Sir Thomas 2011.01.10 2:11pm

    Now I'm in complete love or is it lust… I dont care which all I want to do is travel all over yout tundra!!!

  37. Cheeky Minx 2011.01.11 5:04am

    Love or lust… Either work for me, Sir T…

  38. slowburn 2011.01.13 1:54am

    And she is loved!

  39. JM 2011.01.13 2:16am

    You mesmerise me, you captivate me!

    I am like a deer in the headlights of a sensual vehicle with the power to capture all in her path.

    Inside that delectable mind of yours lives the most wonderful of enchantresses that no man could deny.

    Certainly not this man.

  40. Cheeky Minx 2011.01.16 9:37am

    slowburn: Thank you. This is so good to know and even lovelier to hear…

    JM: There's no denying me? Oh my, what a dangerous and tempting statement, JM…

  41. Buddha 2011.02.20 8:53am


  42. Cheeky Minx 2011.02.20 10:29pm

    Oh my… This has me sighing and smiling in equal measure, Buddha…