Four Walls

These four walls behold
These four walls bare witness
Absorbing, greedily drinking
Our heat, our sweat, our libations
This abandon, this savagery
Our maddening sensual passion

  1. Osbasso 2010.12.14 2:02am

    Ah, to be a fly on any one of those walls…

  2. Lady Grinning Soul 2010.12.14 8:16am

    I so should not be reading blogs first thing in the morning… it sets me up for a very horny day. Beautiful.. lucky walls.
    LGS xx

  3. hot girl 2010.12.14 4:00pm


  4. Green Eyed Frenchy 2010.12.14 4:58pm

    These four walls could recount so many passionate stories…. Ahhh!

  5. Sir Thomas 2010.12.14 6:09pm

    the walls were burning down with our desire…

    to the ground….

  6. Advizor54 2010.12.14 8:35pm

    I love works like this, but can I suggest one change?

    These four walls behold
    These four walls bear witness
    These four hi-def cameras record….

    It makes for powerful poetry.

    My favorite line is “This abandon”, ah, the power we find when we are with someone who lets us let go, to abandon care and concern and self-doubt, who, when in their presence, we can drop all masks and be who we truly feel we are.

    Very thought provoking. Thank you.

  7. Black Pearl 2010.12.15 3:07am

    “Buzz Buzz” said the tiny fly!

  8. Cheeky Minx 2010.12.15 11:13am

    Os: I have your corner reserved. Fly on in…

    LGS: This is exactly how you should start your day. I'm feeling rather chuffed I set you up so deliciously, lovely…

    hot girl: Ta muchly!

    Frenchy: Oh my, yes. I suspect your walls could tell a few stories too, gorgeous…

    Sir Thomas: Yes, yes, leaving nothing but smouldering ash…

    Advizor: Thank you so much. As for your suggestion, my walls clearly aren't as technologically up-to-date as yours! Besides, since I'm partial to clicking pics, it's an easy step to live action featuring my witnessing walls…

    Black Pearl: Ooh, a girl fly to go with my boy fly! Buzz on next to me, lovely…

  9. Adulterous Letch 2010.12.15 2:13pm

    You might become the first person to ever cause a wall to blush. 😉

  10. 1manview 2010.12.15 4:47pm

    Classic write Cheeky Minx, short and powerful…

  11. Cheeky Minx 2010.12.17 2:12am

    Adulterous Letch: It's funny you should say that because my walls are a slightly blushing lilac. But I'm certain that's nothing more than coincidence… 😉

    1manview: There are times when the fewer the words, the better. Thank you so much…