Punch Drunk


Your face, your voice, your body; your thoughts and words and desire.


Your dark, smiling eyes, your tickling beard, your maddening, masculine scent.

You. You. You.

You dizzy my mind, ignite my flesh. You speak to them both. No, you do more than that. You whisper and sing to them; you craze and soothe them; you groan and scream at them. You seduce them and me. We are powerless, us three. We can not resist. You make us want you.

You make me want you.

You intoxicate, you possess; you make me long through the morning, through the night for the man, the lover, the beast. You make me yearn for your hard uncut meat, for your fingering touch, for your sensual kiss, for your overwhelming heat, for a taste of the first glistening pearl of your arousal, for the talk and the laughter and the silence and the being as our spent, tangled bodies recover in the low afternoon light. You make ache with a lust and a passion that drive all thoughts from my head, that strike my fair form at each and every moment, that compel my hands to sate this slick, needy flesh when you are cruelly out of reach.

You. I’m drunk on you. I’m drunk on you already. And I never want to be sober again.

  1. DOG3OY 2010.11.22 3:45am


    What a lucky man.

  2. Sir Thomas 2010.11.22 3:21pm

    punch drunk with you for the full 15 rounds I would go….

  3. Anonymous 2010.11.22 6:44pm

    Damn. That is hot right there. Only geography and 2 adjectives here keep “him” from being me.

  4. stareintotheabyss 2010.11.22 10:10pm

    I'm certain, Minx, that you have more than a small handful of readers who wish that “You” were them. You do a great job of causing a man to wish he were in another's shoes.

  5. Adulterous Letch 2010.11.23 12:13am

    Your words make me feel heady and drunk – and I'm not even the one you're writing about. (Unless I am, in which case I'm flattered. hehe)

    When you say, “for a taste of the first glistening pearl of your arousal,” I know exactly what you're talking about, and you're the only one I know who makes it sound so sexy.

  6. Spring Flower 2010.11.23 3:33am

    Sigh. They are cruel, aren't they? Very sexy read.

  7. Alpha Za 2010.11.23 6:25am

    thats what I call SUPER Punch Drunk!

  8. Green Eyed Frenchy 2010.11.23 8:36am

    Sigh! Such passion!

  9. Cheeky Minx 2010.11.23 12:01pm

    DOG3OY: Thank you so much! I'm rather hoping he thinks himself lucky…

    Sir Thomas: If that's the case, would you care to choose a corner?

    Anon: Really? Are you sure? Thank you…

    KJK: I rather like the idea that I might cause men to wish they were him. I like it a lot…

    Adulterous Letch: Any time I can leave you feeling intoxicated is a very good day. As for that pearl, you're so very kind…

    Spring Flower: They most certainly are. And I'm sure, just like me, you wouldn't have it any other way. Thank you, lovely…

    Alpha Za: And you'd be right!

    Frenchy: Yes, yes, yes… *sigh*
    Thank you, gorgeous one…

  10. hot girl 2010.11.23 4:18pm

    nice post

  11. Lady Dragonfly 2010.11.23 10:34pm

    Mmmm.. deliciously over-the-edge…

  12. Cheeky Minx 2010.11.24 10:50am

    hot girl: Thank you. And welcome…

    Lady Dragonfly: I'm so very flattered I could take you there with me…

  13. 1manview 2010.11.24 10:47pm

    Uncut meat, uncensored words… Hot Piece…..

  14. Cheeky Minx 2010.11.25 9:59am

    There is no other choice than to be uncensored with and about the gentleman in question. I'm more than a little grateful this shone through, 1manview…