As they crash over her one after the other, as they roar up through the petite body flushing her fair skin and swelling her dripping sex, as they come in quick and thunderous succession intermittently driving out the breath from her lungs, she exhales the sweet syllables of his name, longing for his liquid lust, yearning for his scorching seed, aching to be filled with the cream of his climax, needing above all else, the tangible trace of his desire.

  1. Black Pearl 2010.11.07 6:20pm

    Wow, that was the sweetest little bite…may I have some more please?!

  2. Osbasso 2010.11.07 9:12pm

    It's the visuals, I tell ya…

  3. 1manview 2010.11.08 1:46am

    Love the way your words first misguided my thoughts, then reeled it in the right direction.. Clamaxing good write…

  4. Anonymous 2010.11.08 5:08am

    hell this made me hungry.

  5. EllaGirl 2010.11.08 5:32pm

    “Tangible trace of his desire.” Goodness, how I need this proof – to touch desire with all my senses!

  6. Advizor54 2010.11.08 11:47pm

    “she exhales the sweet syllables of his name”

    Syllables plural? But my name only has one syllable. Maybe they pronounce it differently Down Under…

    Oh wait, I get it… not me… my bad.

    Please continue.


  7. Cheeky Minx 2010.11.09 10:51am

    Black Pearl: More? Your wish is my command…

    Os: I wonder if this might be the inverse of 'a picture is worth a thousand words'…!

    1manview: I'm so glad I reeled you in good and right…

    Anon: I was hoping it would have that effect…

    Ella: Oh, how I hear you, lovely…

    Advizor: Here I was thinking your name did contain more than one syllable: Ad-vi-zor. Perhaps I'm mistaken…

    Continue? If you insist…