HNT: The Inferno

Crawl out of the darkness
Slide into the inferno divine
Allow my fevered passion
To warm and burn
Consume you



(Remember to knock on Osbasso’s door to see this week’s gorgeous players…)

  1. Black Pearl 2010.10.27 11:45pm

    Great shot…the lighting in the background make it even hotter!

  2. JM 2010.10.27 11:51pm

    I am warmed, I am burned by this image divine. No darkness remains with your resplendent vision in the doorway.

    Gorgeous vision and sexy prose once more dear Minx!

    JM xxx

    P.S. Word veri is grabu!! Coincidence?

  3. Spring Flower 2010.10.27 11:59pm

    Oh my! Wow. I think I want to burn…

  4. James 2010.10.28 12:19am

    Great shots!

  5. Osbasso 2010.10.28 12:38am

    You amaze me each an every week. Thank you for that!

    You look like you could be a “Bond girl”!

  6. MinorityReport 2010.10.28 1:23am

    This made me think of the scene in “Weird Science” where the woman they create appears. 🙂
    Wonderful as always.

  7. Vixen 2010.10.28 1:28am

    The lighting …..the way it silhouettes your lovely frame. Sigh…….


  8. Autumn 2010.10.28 1:46am

    oh my goodness, i think i'm actually drooling a little. haha…sorry if that's too much info. you are simply stunning. thirty-four is good. 🙂

  9. Emmy 2010.10.28 3:50am

    Such an amazingly sexy shot.
    Very hot!!
    Happy HNT!

  10. 1manview 2010.10.28 3:54am

    Forgot to congratulate you for making the top 100 Sex Blogger list… I saw the list on Black pearl blog. She also made it… You deserve to be there…

  11. 1manview 2010.10.28 3:56am

    On the HNT… Very sultry post…

  12. Sir Thomas 2010.10.28 4:28am

    I now consider myself consumed….

  13. Shibari 2010.10.28 5:04am

    Amazingly sexy as always

  14. A Daft Scots Lass 2010.10.28 5:26am

    Killer boots and awesome lighting…love the wildness of yer hair too.

  15. 13messages 2010.10.28 5:32am

    Everything about this post is the personification of sexy. Art, light, body, words… I love stopping by.

  16. Lady Grinning Soul 2010.10.28 8:05am

    Wow! SUCH a cool HNT. Lovin' it. LGS xxx

  17. Jas 2010.10.28 9:22am

    You are on fire!! Love it xx

  18. Sally-Jane 2010.10.28 10:10am

    such great lighting, you can feel the mood. Beautiful

  19. Jobthingy 2010.10.28 12:23pm

    Oh. My. WOW!

  20. Topaz 2010.10.28 12:32pm

    My gosh, you're straight out of a MJ video! That is crazy sexy. Way to dress up them legs! HHNT!

  21. Black Matrixx 2010.10.28 1:05pm

    You always amaze us with your pictures. The posing is great and I love the use of light.

  22. The Muffin Fan 2010.10.28 3:00pm

    And consume you do!


    My sexy goddess. My Erotic Enchantrix. My delicious pleasure and masturbatory release…

    Ever delightful. Smoldering. Resplendent in your libidinous allure.

    Your words enslave and your images enthrall.

  23. the eternal list 2010.10.28 3:57pm

    the giants may cause orange october, but you deliver with the burning-passion orange hues! halloween's cum early

    glorious gams, love


  24. Green Eyed Frenchy 2010.10.28 5:53pm

    What a coincidence! An erotic inferno for Halloween! Although we don't celebrate it over here, it made me smile! May they all burn lustfully for you!

  25. SB 2010.10.28 5:54pm

    the lighting is perfect and your body even more so. awesome shot!!

  26. EllaGirl 2010.10.28 5:59pm

    M. You inspire me so… one day I simply must play! Congrats on 100 Top Sex Blogs. Truly well deserved. xo – E.

  27. Gucci Mama 2010.10.28 6:38pm

    Smoking hot, baby. Love it.

  28. H 2010.10.28 8:32pm

    Very hot, I think you were in my dreams last night, if you weren't you will be tonight 🙂

  29. Nolens Volens 2010.10.28 9:13pm

    I knocked on the desk upon seeing your click-thru. 😉

  30. Cheeky Minx 2010.10.29 1:12am

    Gorgeous guys and delectable dolls, you fan the flames of my fire with your words so sweet and sexy (and your congratulations so kind)…

  31. Tigress 2010.10.29 12:08pm

    Damn!!!!! You are hot hot hot!!!!!!!


  32. stareintotheabyss 2010.10.29 11:49pm

    It's no wonder you have so many fans, with a pic like this to entice us. Love the boots by the way. Fucking hot.

  33. Adulterous Letch 2010.10.30 6:48pm

    I think I feel it! I feel your passion burning and consuming me!

    No, wait… that might be my own lust, not your passion. Sorry for the confusion.

  34. Urban Pope 2010.10.31 12:58am

    I do love that photo except for the boots. Did a pipe break?

  35. Advizor54 2010.10.31 10:01pm

    Once again, the Pope is wrong (he he he)….

    Those boots, that hip check, the cascading hair, the backlighting, makes for a perfect picture.

    I was a little disspointed that I didn't see a cape and mask like all the fashionable lurkers are wearing this season…..

  36. Cheeky Minx 2010.10.31 10:39pm

    Tigress: *purrrrrr*
    Thank you, my lovely…

    KJK: You flatter me so, Mr Keats. The boots and I thank you from the bottoms of our melting soles.

    AL: You should never feel the need to apologise for that kind of delicious confusion…

    Urban Pope: I'm happy to inform you no pipes where harmed or broken in the production of this photograph. While the boots are a little sad they weren't to your liking, I thank you very kindly…

    Advizor: Alas, the mask and cape are being held hostage at the “cleaners”. Once they're released, I'll be snapping them for the sake of posterity.

    And thank you for the very generous “perfection” tag, A…

  37. Supercock 2010.11.01 7:12pm

    Oh those wonderful, wonderful legs. So delicious, so nutritiouski, so in need of my mouth…..

  38. Cheeky Minx 2010.11.03 1:15am

    Thank you so much, Supercock. And “nutritiouski” is too, too good!

  39. Dewey's System 2010.11.10 6:06am

    can't stay away. too weak. and can you blame me? look at you! god… god damn

  40. Cheeky Minx 2010.11.10 10:27pm

    I'm rather hoping you'll never be able to stay away, Dewberry. (Actually, if there's anything I can do to keep weakening your resolve, please let me know.) So, yes, by all means, look at me… 😉

  41. Easily Aroused 2010.11.11 7:21pm

    The fire which warms us at a distance will burn us when near … and I would willingly endure the conflagration of my flesh just to know the briefest touch of yours…


  42. Cheeky Minx 2010.11.12 9:42am

    Come forth, EA, for the touch fleeting, for the touch enduring, for the burn, for the scars, for the soothing hereafter…

  43. Max 2010.11.17 3:32pm

    Holy smokes…. You'd better never show up like this in front of me. Unless you want to be taken, and hard…. Wow…. 😉

  44. Cheeky Minx 2010.11.20 8:58am

    That's hardly an incentive not to show up looking like this, is it Max?!

    Thank you so much…