HNT: He Tells Me…


He tells me he likes pink.
He tells me he likes girlish.
He tells me he’d like to kiss me, taste me, make love to me
on a bed dressed in crisp, white cotton.

Who am I to argue with that?

(Remember to knock on Osbasso’s door to see this week’s gorgeous players…)

  1. EllaGirl 2010.10.20 5:01pm

    M. This is my favorite picture to date… love girly. xo – E.

  2. Jas 2010.10.20 9:02pm

    Oh! So, So, Gorgeous. I love crisp white sheets and those a very cute pink frilly knickers. Beautiful. xx

  3. The Panserbjørne 2010.10.20 9:05pm

    The only nice thing about having you be in Oz (instead of right here where I can get hold of you) is that because of the time difference, Thursday arrives sooner for you than for many of the rest of us. So we always have the best of the best to look forward to at the beginning of our day. 🙂

    Lovely, lovely shot. I bet that bed is really soft, perfect for making love to the enchanting creature nestled in its folds. 🙂

    — PB

  4. Advizor54 2010.10.20 9:31pm

    She waits on the bed for him, shyly covering her perfect breasts while her knees open wantonly, her left heel implanted firmly where the shear pink material gathers moisture in the waiting.

    He likes me “girly” she thought, and smiled to herself. Tonight I am all woman, his woman….

    Fantastic picture, your work gets better and better with each week.

  5. JM 2010.10.20 9:51pm

    Stunning! What else can I say? I mean your words as always take one within the image itself, but that photo, with the exquisite tones of white, pink and luscious skin against the darkness of those wonderous curls is just mesmerising!

    Beautiful post once again. Amazing!

    JM xxxx

  6. Supercock 2010.10.20 9:55pm

    Not to argue indeed not..delicious pose!

  7. MinorityReport 2010.10.21 12:48am

    Everything about this is beautiful.
    Well done. 🙂

  8. Osbasso 2010.10.21 1:07am

    Wonderful shot, as always!

    Pink and girly suits you quite well!

  9. 13messages 2010.10.21 1:54am

    I'm so moved to see and read this post. You really are amazing.

  10. 1manview 2010.10.21 2:02am

    Everything about this post is simply lovely…

  11. Sir Thomas 2010.10.21 2:41am

    this has to be one of the most tantric shots I have ever seen…. It makes me want you…

  12. Emmy 2010.10.21 2:57am

    Love how girly the picture looks – with the pink, the white and the light – beautiful!!
    Happy HNT!

  13. Vixen 2010.10.21 3:35am


    I love this picture.

    I love how girly it is. I love the contrast of white and pink. The soft lighting.

    Beautiful. Amazing. What haven't I said in the past. But I agree with some others…this might be my favorite pic. And the words are so simple and so *PERFECT*!


  14. Blossom 2010.10.21 7:09am

    This is hot!!!
    Very awesome!
    Come look at my HNT!

  15. Sally-Jane 2010.10.21 8:19am

    wow very lustful and gorgeous. Great to find someone wants you like you are

  16. suburbanslut 2010.10.21 9:44am

    *sigh* the white sheets, the frilly panties, your hair… put them all together and this is simply *sigh* perfect.

  17. The Muffin Fan 2010.10.21 10:33am

    The hair. The pose. The girlishness.

    Your skin. Your hands. Your delicious legs and luscious bosom.

    Your arms and shoulders. That arousing torso.

    The messy bed. The light pouring through the window.

    It all makes me want to stroke my cock to your glory. To feel the waves of pleasure wash over me while my head is filled with decadent thoughts of The Enchantrix.

    Beautiful and erotic. One of your best!

  18. The Muffin Fan 2010.10.21 10:36am

    And your lips and jawline! How could I neglect mentioning two of your most fetching attributes?

    Tour words too are perfection.

  19. Spring Flower 2010.10.21 11:30am

    Love the contrast of dark hair and white sheets!

  20. The Ethical Slut 2010.10.21 11:45am

    I like pink….

    Great photo, makes me want to crawl into bed with you!!

  21. James 2010.10.21 12:06pm

    Wow, speechless!

  22. A Daft Scots Lass 2010.10.21 12:57pm

    Gosh! I love the pink frilly knickers and the white bed linen….oh so stunningly sensual.

  23. the eternal list 2010.10.21 3:51pm

    baby, i'm right there beside you just out of frame of the pic, under the covers…:*

    mr. pink

  24. Lady Grinning Soul 2010.10.21 4:31pm

    Gorgeous! And I LOVE those knickers. Just beautiful. XXX

  25. Gucci Mama 2010.10.21 11:17pm

    Well, I'm kind of speechless. Absolutely stunning.

  26. Anonymous 2010.10.22 12:03am

    mmmmmmmmmm m
    That is stunning right there. Awesome.

  27. thesecretivewriter 2010.10.22 2:31am

    your gorgeous body glows in the sun. perfection in every pixel.

  28. Elle 2010.10.22 2:52am

    As beautiful as ever! I will certainly not argue with that either. Love the hair, btw!

  29. Shibari 2010.10.22 6:53am

    pink .. just became my favorite color .. this picture bleeds sexy

  30. Black Matrixx 2010.10.22 11:31am

    What a lovely picture of you 😉


  31. Tigress 2010.10.22 11:56am

    Good lord girl. You just keep getting more beautiful!!!! Best pic ever!!!!!!!


  32. Hubman 2010.10.23 12:28am

    I think you're a wise girl not to argue!

    Happy (late) HNT!

  33. suggestive 2010.10.23 6:47am

    This picture is incredible. I love big white fluffy beds like this… not to mention the woman on it is beautiful!

  34. Cheeky Minx 2010.10.24 9:12am

    Sweet, sexy, pretty things, thank you so very much for the gorgeous words – they have placed a curve on my lips and blushed my cheeks frilly knicker pink…

  35. Green Eyed Frenchy 2010.10.26 9:34pm

    You look so intensely, powerfully sexy in this lovenest, no man could resist!

  36. Cheeky Minx 2010.10.29 12:58am

    Really, no man? I wonder if I should test that theory! Thank you, Frenchy… xx

  37. Easily Aroused 2010.11.11 7:25pm

    She loves to be one of the girls
    She lives in the place
    In the side of our lives
    Where nothing is
    Ever put straight

    'Pretty in Pink' doesn't come close…

  38. Cheeky Minx 2010.11.12 9:55am

    And yet it is an assessment which sends a ripple through fair flesh, which transforms me into that girl who “loses herself in her dreaming“, who adores her furs psychedelic… x

  39. MilfPlease 2011.03.07 8:39pm

    I need to have you, to feel me sink into your body. I want you wrapped around me, engulfing me

  40. Cheeky Minx 2011.03.08 11:53pm

    Oh my…
    I'm so very flattered this post could elicit such a delicious response, MilfPlease…