Wav(e) of Desire

Into the slim silver box nestled lightly in her palm, she whispers her desire for him, breathing the heat of her need into his ear at an almost painful remove.

Delicate fingers now teasing electrified flesh, she shivers through the words, through the primal need to taste him, to devour his flesh, to tease her clitoris with his cockhead, to cover him in her scorching arousal, to open herself so wide her body might break, to feel his hard, thick cock stretch and fill and fuck her until she screams, until her nails rake his muscular back, until his pounding hips brand her creamy thighs, until their lips reach out for the fiery kiss, until their merged bodies are bathed in the passion all-consuming.

  1. The Muffin Fan 2010.10.10 1:31am

    Erotic Tones. Captured in time.
    A spell no spatial void can halt.
    The Enchantrix burns.
    And this fire leaps away.
    Burning all in her path.
    Embrace the Fire
    Of her unbridled Desire.

  2. Osbasso 2010.10.10 6:06am

    Yeah. What MF said…

  3. JM 2010.10.11 3:17am

    There are times when the tyranny of distance can be overcome by sounds of a voice, giving respite to a body wanting.

    Although it can't replace the release of a touch desired, the solace in tones of want and need can jump the divide of of lovers apart…

  4. Cheeky Minx 2010.10.12 7:54am

    Muffin: I love the fact I inspire the poet in you. What beautiful verse…

    And you're right. Time and space mean nothing in the face of this desire.

    Os: Hahaha! *snort*
    Thank you, I needed that…

    JM: Oh, yes. Yes. The beauty of the voice is the way it betrays our desire in an instant. It is the perfect conduit of passion for lovers divided by land and sea. Thank you…

  5. Adulterous Letch 2010.10.30 5:49pm

    Wow. I've never been one for phone sex, but you make it sound… wow.

    Maybe I should have let the blood return to my head before commenting…

  6. Cheeky Minx 2010.10.31 10:16pm

    I'm so very glad you think my vocal talents have that “wow” factor, AL.

    As for the blood, I think I prefer you a little lightheaded…