Last night, it finally broke. As my dreaming steadily filled with vivid images of him, with the sights and sounds and sensations of the two of us together – talking, laughing, fucking, making love – my body released its lustful want, its aching need, its crazed frustration. Waking with a start, his kiss still lingering on my lips, I lay in bed, my flesh scorched and drenched, damp curls glued to my nape, pink shirt and knickers fused to my torso, my recovering breath barely fracturing the night’s quiet.

Peeling back the covers and stripping down, my nakedness glistened in the low light as I drifted somewhere between sleep and consciousness, between my bedroom and the one of our love making. With the cool caressing me, I ran my fingertips slowly over my skin, delicate, teasing strokes from neck to collarbone, around the mounds of my breasts, on my hardening nipples, down the curve of my stomach to the softness of my hips and thighs, just as he had done in that perfect and consuming vision.

Within moments, I sank into the plane that offered me the gift of his presence. Submerged once more in his voice, his scent, his weight, in the intensity of his closeness, my body unconsciously reached out for him, at first calling silently, then screaming, then weeping so hard the wetness rose up, shiny droplets dotting my flesh as I spread across the bed in response, arms and legs opening wide and ready, the slippery heat flowing freely from my aching sex.

Hovering over me, his phantom drank from the stream, instructing my hands, guiding my fingers to the juicy plumpness down below, to the pink that yearned for his hard thick cock, to the cunt that longed for fulfilment. Sliding my palm over my mound, gliding my fingers from the portal to my clitoris, up and down, up and down, dipping in two fingers deep, deep, deeper, soft, ragged cries filling the room, my back sensuously arching off the bed, his material form was suddenly beside me, the white expanse dipping under his masculine strength. With his lips and tongue on my mouth, tracing my neck, his breathy whispers in my ear inflamed, incited this desire, compelling me, propelling me to the edge, urging me, imploring me to finger myself for him, pleading me to finger fuck the velvet heat he longs to devour, to fuck my dripping cunt harder, harder, faster, faster, to spread my lips and tease the nub of my purest pleasure, to touch and finger and fuck myself as he would, as he has, as he will, to come, to come, loud and moaning, to come, to come, slippery fingers, plunging, pumping, thrashing, to come, to come, to come. To come for him. For him and only him. In fevered sleep, in fevered waking.

  1. JM 2010.09.20 3:31am

    Oh.. My.. God..

    Never have words on a page affected me so greatly!

    To feel my own arousal build with such intensity at each new word read! Phenomenal words from a phenomenal writer. Just what was needed for an otherwise ordinary day.


  2. stareintotheabyss 2010.09.20 4:10am

    Umm, you wouldn't mind, CM, would you, if I you know, kinda sorta “borrowed” a few of these expressions? Okay, so how about the whole damn lot of 'em? You have the best way of saying things.

  3. Green Eyed Frenchy 2010.09.20 1:29pm

    This is one of your most passionate, feverish cry of desire, so well expressed. It feels you are in our heads at that very moment when we all crave for this faraway person! One again, you are amazing!

  4. The Panserbjørne 2010.09.20 3:26pm

    Peerless. You have no contemporaries who can do stream-of-consciousness entries half so well as you. Every time you gift us with another one, I'm floating down the stream right along with you, dreaming your dreams, feeling neurons spark and sensations flare in body parts I don't possess. Now *that* is intense writing.

    Beautiful, and oh so very searing hot. Dreaming a little dream never sounded so good.

    — PB

  5. the eternal list 2010.09.20 3:31pm

    …and i'm now awake from my moody slumber, wow, phew, intense, that's one lucky *him*

  6. James 2010.09.21 11:51am

    Wow. what images, what visuals, what thoughts come to mind. Thank you.

  7. Cheeky Minx 2010.09.22 2:48am

    JM: Thank you for your own phenomenal words, JM. They, too, have transformed my own day into something rather delicious…

    KJK: And you have the uncanny ability to make me blush with your words of praise. Borrow away, KJK…

    Frenchy: I'm so glad I've been able to capture not only my desire but also your own. Thank you, lovely…

    PB: If I can make you truly feel things in body parts you don't possess, then I might be on the right track. Although, I'm hoping the sensations also registered in those you do…

    And once again, thank you, PB.

    Eternal: Feel free to call on me to rouse you from your slumber, babe. Anytime.

    And I certainly hopes he thinks so…

    James: I'm very glad to hear the piece had such a wonderful effect, James. Thank you…

  8. Lady Dragonfly 2010.09.22 10:05am

    Oh yes! I read this now climbing out of bed in the early morning, now full of lust. Your words inspire me, simply perfect…

  9. The Muffin Fan 2010.09.22 11:15am

    Perfect lover, twilight's embrace
    Dream fever, dark handsome face
    Guiding hands, remote love
    Exploding passion looms above
    Ever releasing, eternal lust
    Slaking moment, return you must
    Opening eyes, slipping away
    Perchance returning another day

  10. Cheeky Minx 2010.09.22 11:40pm

    Lady Dragonfly: It seems this might be a case of one lustful turn inspiring another! Thank you so much…

    Muffin: I also hope he comes back to me very soon. And thank you for my gorgeously poetic response…