HNT: Only You


Every minute is an hour
When you’re not by my side
When my flesh calls out for you
And only you

(Remember to knock on Osbasso’s door to see this week’s gorgeous players…)

  1. Dewey’s System 2010.08.12 4:59am

    Can really say what I think about this out loud….?

  2. Osbasso 2010.08.12 12:17am

    I could only hope that it's calling out for me!

    Lovely pose!

  3. GoodWill 2010.08.12 12:49am

    Wow, absolutely stunning!!! Would love to see that silhouette standing in my doorway!

  4. Jas 2010.08.12 1:17am

    You are oozing sexuality in this pic. Love it x

  5. The Muffin Fan 2010.08.12 1:18am

    The cascading shadows of your hair. The perfect lines of your neck and chin. Your magnificent torso and marvelous breasts. Those cock-arousing legs and thighs. Those incredible “fuck me now” heels.

    Your gorgeous hand so suggestively placed between your thighs.

    And the exquisite words so wondrously capturing the longing of you resplendent body!

    Another Spell of Perfection, Glorious Enchantrix. Lighting, pose, and composition – absolute perfection.

  6. Supercock 2010.08.12 2:11am

    All kinds of good, but I think the muffin man said it all. Me? I just can't take my eyes off of those legs, simply wonderful

  7. southerngirl 2010.08.12 2:38am

    All kinds of sexy going down here!! The lighting is perfection, but well pales to the lovely subject.

    xx sweet girl…..

  8. thesecretivewriter 2010.08.12 2:48am

    sultry and sensual like no other.

  9. Vixen 2010.08.12 2:48am

    Stunning. Adore the lighting!


  10. Jobthingy 2010.08.12 3:17am

    oh. my. wow. this is an incredible shot

  11. 1manview 2010.08.12 3:58am

    The only thing missing in this picture is the click, so I can see the flip side…

    Every hour I spend with you seems like minutes,
    because our time together, is never enough…

    I remember, when I first started dating my wife.There was never enough time to hold here in my arms. But now, I have learned to cherish the embrace, because tomorrow isn't promised..

  12. Southern Sage 2010.08.12 6:33am

    Yeah that is fucking hot. I want you on that wall….. I need you on that wall….

  13. Black Matrixx 2010.08.12 8:41am

    Lovely lovely and lovely. Great picture with fantastic lightning.

    😉 BM

  14. Lady Grinning Soul 2010.08.12 10:45am

    Great photo. Awesome light there.. lovin' it.

  15. James 2010.08.12 11:29am

    Great picture. HHNT

  16. Green Eyed Frenchy 2010.08.12 12:07pm

    Now, I need to find new words for gorgeous, classy, sensual, stunning, because I've used them all already…. You're becomming an icon, you're just incredible, Cheeky!

  17. HEDONE 2010.08.12 1:02pm

    Love the lighting.


  18. Jericho 2010.08.12 1:08pm

    Incredibly sexy…alluring, breathtaking…

  19. MinorityReport 2010.08.12 2:00pm

    Your photos and words amaze me every week. 🙂

  20. Mike129 2010.08.12 3:19pm

    Very, very sexy!

  21. bardbin 2010.08.12 3:22pm

    Awesome – very sultry and erotic, makes me think bad thoughts.

  22. twosexytigers 2010.08.12 3:52pm

    Damn girl….. HOT HOT HOT!!!!

    xoxo, Crystal

  23. Emmy 2010.08.13 12:20am

    You look amazing!!
    Happy HNT!

  24. Elle 2010.08.13 2:45am

    Perfect figure. Legs to die for… Wow!

  25. ~m 2010.08.13 10:51am

    Amazing sexy shot – and the legs are simply gorgeous.

  26. Sir Thomas 2010.08.13 1:22pm

    *gulps for air*


  27. the eternal list 2010.08.13 3:10pm

    that pose is delectable


  28. Cheeky Minx 2010.08.15 12:09am

    Thank you for the amazing words, gorgeous, sexy things… xxxx

  29. Ms Scarlett 2010.08.15 2:01am

    Absolutely stunning… my God, girl.

    You're gorgeous.

  30. keatsjohnkeats 2010.08.15 5:23am

    I look forward to this event (your nudity) every week, CM, and often the thought of it gets me through a difficult day. You're the best. Thanks.

  31. Collar 2010.08.15 8:18pm



  32. Cheeky Minx 2010.08.16 4:04am

    Ms Scarlett: This is truly high praise from a stunning beauty…

    kjk: I am so very flattered my HNTs can brighten your day, kjk. I can safely say your comment has had the same effect on me…

    Collar: Thank you very much! And welcome…


  33. Easily Aroused 2010.08.17 8:48pm

    You tantalise like no other, Minx.

    All I have to decide now is whether this shot would look best as the poster for an erotic thriller, or as the cover for a Roxy Music album. Either way, anyone who saw it would fall hopelessly in lust with the model…


  34. Cheeky Minx 2010.08.18 10:26pm

    To be considered for either one of these delicious possibilities makes me feel very fortunate, indeed. And, if there's any way we can rework this shot to include Bryan Ferry…

    (If I can tantalise you, EA, I think I might be hitting the right mark…)