HNT: Cocktail


The cocktail has been the symbol of their eventual meeting from the very beginning. Shaken or stirred, vodka or gin, olive or twist, their preferences were duly noted. In their countless communiqués, it was the object that not only held the tentative promise of a certain time and place, but also the means to draw one another out, to tease and taunt and play with words, to express the intensity of an attraction and desire that increased with each passing day.

Now as they stand in the low-lit room together at last, velvet night blanketing the sky, the oily slick in their glasses rests barely sampled, the words spoken surprisingly scant. Together at last, alone at last, they have no need for either. Raspy breaths fill the silence, eyes wander and roam, slowly and deliberately consuming at a practiced remove one final time as they linger on the precipice.

But once his fingers lightly brush an errant curl aside, their achingly desperate bodies leave them no other choice than to plunge headlong, zippers urgently gliding and hissing, skin and heat merging, hands caressing, arms winding, around her waist, around his nape, their lips brushing, locking, tongues dipping, tasting, hungry mouths seeking, devouring, their flesh fusing and binding, passions igniting and possessing in this dizzying moment of perfect firsts.

(Remember to knock on Osbasso’s door to see this week’s gorgeous players…)

  1. Osbasso 2010.07.22 1:16am

    I'd have happily helped you with that zipper. What a lovely view to follow…

  2. The Muffin Fan 2010.07.22 1:59am

    God! To sit down and even barely sip a sample of a drink with the Minx! And then engage in a mad, sensuous feast of the flesh!

    I so envy you two meeting and the vertiginous frenzy that will follow! 🙂

  3. southerngirl 2010.07.22 2:01am

    Leaves me hungry CM… oh so much! You hit on all cylinders tonight…beautiful and exquisite.


  4. Southern Sage 2010.07.22 2:04am

    awesome pic, so sexy.

    than to plunge headlong, zippers urgently gliding and hissing, skin and heat merging, hands caressing, arms winding, around her waist, around his nape, their lips brushing, locking, tongues dipping, tasting, hungry mouths seeking, devouring, their flesh fusing and binding, passions igniting and possessing in this dizzying moment of perfect firsts.

    Ok I'm in for that…..

  5. The Muffin Fan 2010.07.22 2:05am

    I my wistfulness concerning the prose I failed to mention your picture!

    *slaps self*

    Love the sepia tone, your pose, and those lovely heels. Splendid shot of your back, which also shows off your enchanting hair pulled up so elegantly. And I adore your arm and hand in the picture against the door frame.


    Resplendent as ever!

  6. Topaz 2010.07.22 2:34am

    You got everything about the cocktail just right 😉 HHNT!

  7. Supercock 2010.07.22 2:36am

    What a wonderful view, so full of promise, although I was surprised to see the thong

  8. James 2010.07.22 2:38am

    Very sexy. Great dress, great back, great panties, great vision.

  9. Elle 2010.07.22 3:46am

    I love zippers…

    Superb picture, and the words… My!

  10. Jobthingy 2010.07.22 3:50am

    the words are incredible but oh my does the camera love you. what an incredible shot.

  11. Vixen 2010.07.22 5:01am

    Mmmm…. *sigh*

    Breathtaking as always. Love the lighting in this pic.


  12. 13messages 2010.07.22 5:46am

    I am just completely knocked out seeing you and your sexy back. Then there is the rest of the perfectly composed photo. Then there are those wonderful words to accompany said photo. You amaze me.

  13. Black Matrixx 2010.07.22 7:24am

    One of my favorite HNT bloggers. Love your words and pictures.


  14. MinorityReport 2010.07.22 10:44am

    This is stunning.
    I think you've outdone yourself this week.

  15. Spring Flower 2010.07.22 11:32am

    Love everything about this picture! Gorgeous.

  16. Green Eyed Frenchy 2010.07.22 11:40am

    I tend to repeat myself – Absolutely classy! The composition of the picture, the sepia tone, your beautiful and sensual body, and the text. It reminds me of a post by EA, btw. Quel panache!

  17. reluctantprincess 2010.07.22 12:07pm

    lovely words, classy but sexy pic. mmmm….

  18. 1manview 2010.07.22 2:30pm

    Again, flowing your words into a masterful prose.
    And your pictures have but one choice to turn out lovely…

  19. Jericho 2010.07.22 2:41pm

    Classically beautiful, stunning and sensual… the words are perfect, too.

  20. Daniel 2010.07.22 2:44pm

    What a sexy, elegant pic. Love it!

    Happy HNT!


  21. Joanna Cake 2010.07.22 3:00pm

    Nice work – the composition of both words and picture 🙂

    LOL, my capcha is 'regard'

  22. thesecretivewriter 2010.07.22 3:10pm

    poised and perfect.

  23. The Panserbjørne 2010.07.22 4:03pm

    “Perfect firsts”: ah, how rare but delightful when they occur. And how delightful your latest foray into photography and erotica. As always, you take my breath away, in all respects.

    — PB

  24. Ms Scarlett 2010.07.22 4:56pm

    God, you take most exquisite pictures…. breath-taking!! And your words, as always, are the perfect accompaniment…


  25. ChexMate 2010.07.22 10:39pm

    Great post! And if you'll excuse me, DAMN GIRL! That is a hot pic! Happy HNT to you too….

  26. slowburn 2010.07.22 11:31pm

    The picture will fill my dreams tonight. One day I will be asking if I can use it on my blog!

  27. Laura 2010.07.23 6:31am

    Beautiful shot. Beyond words…and the prose…wow…take a girl's breath away, why don't you?

  28. twosexytigers 2010.07.23 12:40pm

    Damn girl……WOW!!!! You are so hot… body and soul and words. Just love it and you too!!!

    xoxox, sexy tiger

  29. Easily Aroused 2010.07.23 2:23pm

    Sepia used to colourize;
    Your glorious body to mesmerise.
    I seek the words to eulogize,
    Your skill to adroitly eroticize.

    Your image and your words are as wondrously bewitching as always, Minx….

  30. the eternal list 2010.07.23 3:07pm

    baby, our two backs are united in love this week! 😉 :*

  31. H 2010.07.23 6:26pm

    thanks for you comments on my blog, I love your blog.

  32. Kevin Lomax 2010.07.23 7:02pm

    WoW! Super classic and super sexy! Perfect pic!!!

  33. Cheeky Minx 2010.07.25 9:21am

    Os: I'm so very glad to hear you like the view from here and you’re willing to assist with my zipper…

    Muffin: Ooh, two comments! I'm a very lucky girl once again. Thank you for the amazing feedback on both words and pic…

    SG: Thank you so much, babe. The gentleman in question leaves me feeling just as ravenous… xx

    Sage: You're in? I’ll get the cocktails ready. Thank you, cowboy…

    Topaz: Thank you very much, lovely! 😉

    Supercock: My southern winter makes commando slightly less appealing at the moment! Thank you…

    James: And that's a seriously great comment. Thanks!

    Elle: Mmmm, I do too. There's nothing sexier than a zipper's hissing slide – aside from the reveal, that is. Thank you…

    Jobthingy: Thank you. From the woman who is the camera's muse, this is the highest praise…

    Vixen: Seeing as you're the one who consistently leaves me breathless, the sighing “Mmmm” is all mine, gorgeous… xx

    13messages: To knock out the man whose photographs, talents and form continually astound me is an incredible compliment…

    BM: I also loved your photograph this week. Thank you so much…

    MR: And I am stunned in turn by your amazing comment. Thank you…

    Spring Flower: Thank you, lovely lady!

    Frenchy: Please, repeat away, my dear, if they’re the words you find yourself reiterating! Thank you so very much for your generosity…

    reluctantprincess: Ooh, music to my ears! Thank you very much…

  34. Cheeky Minx 2010.07.25 9:29am

    1manview: Thank you for your amazing words…

    Jericho: I’m touched you think so. Thank you…

    Daniel: Thank you and welcome!

    Cake: Thank you, lovely! I also love it when the word verification surprises. 🙂

    thesecretivewriter: Thank you very much…

    PB: Oh, how I enjoy leaving you in that state, PB. Thank you, on all counts…

    Scarlett: This means a lot from the woman responsible for the delectable parasol series. Thank you… xx

    ChexMate: Wow! I'm so glad you enjoyed it…

    slowburn: I hope that image provided wonderful thoughts and dreams. Thanks for stopping by…

    Laura: If you insist! Thank you so much…

    sexy tiger: Your comments always make me growl in the best possible way, my sexy tigress! Thank you… xx

    EA: Your stunning words charm, capture and beguile, EA. And I am breathless in their wake…

    Eternal: Hmmm, first our lithe forms, now our backs. It seems we are mind reading, babe! Now try and guess what I'm thinking for next week's love fest… 😉

    H: It was my pleasure. And thank you for stopping by…

    Kevin: Wow yourself, KL! Thank you…

  35. Rex Venom 2010.07.25 1:06pm

    The words bring us to what the picture promises.
    Rock on!

  36. Cheeky Minx 2010.07.27 2:54am

    Thank you so much, Rex…