Standing at ease against the cool of the white stucco, gaze bright, smile wicked, he is a breathtaking vision. Of bronzed nakedness, of imposing strength, of profound masculinity, of sexual audacity. Of sheer perfection.

Settling into the plush chair located in the shadowy corner, she allows herself the freedom to take in his detail, her eyes languidly travelling along the terrain of sculpted muscle and wiry curls, along the hot skin deeply kissed by the sun to the cool, milky pale of his hips and thick uncut flesh.

It is the contrast between the heat radiating from the russet glow and the freshness of irresistible cream that ultimately awakens a gnawing hunger, watering her mouth and sex in equal measure. It is the contrast that beckons her to him, that lures her semi-clad form to close the space between them, that draws her delicate hands to his tensing arms, her slender fingers to the legs tantalizingly splayed, her fiery nails to graze the line of the torso well defined, her moist, sensual lips to his raspy breath, her eager tongue to the mouth desperate for her kiss, her fair suppleness to his intoxicating potency, her slick velvet cunt to the glisten of his raging cock.

  1. Southern Sage 2010.07.19 3:52am

    slick velvet cunts are good people I always say!.

    Hot as always CM!

  2. HEDONE 2010.07.19 3:57am

    so much detail…very vivid…a selection of the most perfect words…smoldering


  3. The Muffin Fan 2010.07.19 8:55am

    Such palpable erotic fervour from within you that can sear the mind and ignite the flesh!

    The Enchantrix burns with libidinous energy!

  4. The Panserbjørne 2010.07.19 1:09pm

    It is absolutely astounding, how a few short, well-chosen words and phrases from you can set off such a reaction: quickening breath, faster pulse, and oh yes: smoldering desire.

    More, please.

    — PB

  5. Advizor 2010.07.19 3:27pm

    Was that you hiding in the shadows? I should have turned around….


  6. Green Eyed Frenchy 2010.07.19 8:27pm

    I am like the witness of a very erotic encounter and I appreciate what I see.

  7. keatsjohnkeats 2010.07.20 2:43am

    Your words are a reflection of you, CM, sensual, sexy, so fucking smart. Every time I read something you write I see a new facet of you. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Cheeky Minx 2010.07.21 2:48am

    Sage: I'm so very glad you think so, cowboy. On both counts…

    Hedone: Thank you so much. I was hoping the words would convey the slow burn I'm currently feeling…

    Muffin: I do so love the thought of branding both your body and mind! Thank you…

    PB: If this piece managed to elicit such a delicious response from you, PB, then your request is surely my command. (Look out for Silver and Gold very shortly.)

    And one more thing, thank you…

    Advizor: Yes, it was. And you definitely should have…

    Frenchy: Thank you so much, lovely. I can't think of a sexier woman to be that witness…

    kjk: Your amazingly generous words have left me feeling rather giddy, kind sir. Thank you very much…

  9. 1manview 2010.07.22 2:47pm

    I must agree with keatsjohnkeats, you have a flare with words that separates your prose from others, including myself… The more I read you, the higher the bar gets…. “I like” …

  10. Easily Aroused 2010.07.23 2:27pm

    Breathtakingly erotic, Minx…


  11. Cheeky Minx 2010.07.24 11:25pm

    1manview: Thank you very much for the extremely kind feedback. I'm so glad this piece was to your liking…

    EA: I do so like the thought of taking your breath away, EA. Thank you…