HNT: Recline


His commanding hands persuade her lithe body to recline as they trace the contour from her breasts to her silk-sheathed legs, registering the barely visible tremble working its way across her electrified form. Sliding between the soft warmth of her thighs, palms and fingers teasingly graze the available creamy skin before decisively splaying them wide across the expanse of the sofa’s arm.

Hardening flesh now pressed firmly into her nook, his hungry digits work their way beneath the delicate lace, gliding along her slippery plumpness, urgently sinking into the depths of her velvet heat, stroking in and out with sensual force, circling and fondling the core of her purest pleasure. And just as her bliss begins to crest and overtake her, his large frame leans in, eager mouth at the ready, desperate to grasp the sweet sound of seduction escaping her lips.

(Remember to knock on Osbasso’s door to see this week’s gorgeous players…)

  1. Spring Flower 2010.07.07 11:39pm

    I would never dare take a pic of me in that pose… but you look absolutely hot. And the words that go along with the pics every week? Mmmmm.

  2. Osbasso 2010.07.07 11:42pm

    Holy cow! I love this! Will you come lay on my couch?

  3. Supercock 2010.07.08 12:00am

    What a wonderful invite, lay back and relax.

  4. Melissa 2010.07.08 12:36am

    Love the pic 🙂 Very sensual.

  5. Advizor 2010.07.08 12:39am

    What a wonderful angle, and such exquisite lingerie. Can I be your personal shopper?

    And I love the phrase “slippery plumpness”, in the wrong hands an insult, under your loving pen, an ode to sunsuality.

  6. Advizor 2010.07.08 12:40am

    I hate seeing typos as I hit that last button. Or maybe sunsuality is being really sexy outdoors?

  7. Southern Sage 2010.07.08 1:00am

    urgently sinking into the depths of her velvet heat…….

    Oh god yes…..


  8. Topaz 2010.07.08 1:23am

    Few people can pull of the curves in that pose! And those legs, you're always so sultry, I love it 🙂 HHNT!

  9. The Muffin Fan 2010.07.08 1:37am

    Just when I think you couldn't do any better, you prove me wrong!

    I think a wank in your honor is in order here!


  10. The Muffin Fan 2010.07.08 1:47am

    Image and Prose combined into a delectable fusion – celebrating carnal pleasures!

    I truly adore your Shameless Cheekiness, oh Sultry Minx!

  11. Petal 2010.07.08 3:04am

    Umm what Muffin Fan said! such erotic words accompanying an even more erotic picture…your just so damn touchable! HHNT!

  12. Jobthingy 2010.07.08 4:48am

    wow. just wow. those words. that pic. WOW


  13. 13messages 2010.07.08 4:51am

    You take my breath away. Stunning image and amazing words.

  14. Vixen 2010.07.08 5:25am



    You are seriously amazing…..


  15. keatsjohnkeats 2010.07.08 6:12am

    As always CM, your creativity is astounding.

  16. reluctantprincess 2010.07.08 10:03am

    OMG. The words, the pic. I really shouldn't look at some of these HNT posts before I got to work.

  17. Green Eyed Frenchy 2010.07.08 4:02pm

    Totally classy!

  18. Tiger's Play 2010.07.08 4:33pm

    Wow you sexy thing you!!!! Yum YUm!!

    xoxo, Crystal

  19. Green Eyed Frenchy 2010.07.08 7:48pm

    I had to come back and admire again… and read each and every word again!

  20. MinorityReport 2010.07.08 8:00pm

    I love the angle of this shot! My eyes keep tracing the lines your body makes.
    Such a sexy post.

  21. Ms Scarlett 2010.07.08 8:40pm

    Absolutely, urgently, beautiful… wow.


  22. Jericho 2010.07.09 12:47am

    Sexy, sensual, inviting photo…and the words…I am diverted right now 🙂

  23. R 2010.07.09 12:50am

    expressive in and out. absolutely stunning.

  24. Elle 2010.07.09 6:38am

    Gorgeous! You have amazing legs and a way with words… Wow!

  25. 1manview 2010.07.09 7:47am

    Captivating… Your legs and your words…

  26. Easily Aroused 2010.07.09 10:54am

    A humble sofa becomes an altar, and you the delicious object of worship upon it. Allow my genuflection at your feet, Minx, driven to my knees by the power of your words and the beauty of your form….


  27. the eternal list 2010.07.09 3:10pm

    absolutely divine, my dear, you are a treasure

    “lithe”, there's that word again! 😉


  28. Joanna Cake 2010.07.09 4:04pm

    Great words lovely piccie x

  29. marianne 2010.07.09 7:29pm

    Goodness. You are freaking gorgeous.

  30. Cheeky Minx 2010.07.11 7:52am

    Spring Flower: Thank you very much.

    And I think, my dear, you should dare to bare. Go on… 😉

    Os: I most certainly will. I'll be on the next flight! Thank you.

    Supercock: Ooh, I will do just that. Thank you…

    Melissa: Thank you so much and welcome! It's nice to see another local dropping by…

    Advizor: Thank you! And seeing as I have something of a full-blown lingerie addiction, I might just need your assistance.

    As for “sunsuality”, do you think I could borrow this gorgeous term sometime?

    Sage: Ooh, damn, yourself! Thank you, cowboy.

    Topaz: Oh, wow! You are always so generous, lovely. Thank you. 🙂

    Muffin: Two visits? I'm such a lucky girl.

    And I have to admit, I do have my moments of shameless cheekiness. Thank you…

    Petal: Oh, my, I do?! (gulp) Thank you, gorgeous…

    Jobthingy: Ooh, three “wows” from you! Wow, indeed. Thank you.

    13messages: As you take mine. Thank you.

    Vixen: (breathless, flushed, swooning)

    Thank you very much, gorgeous…

    kjk: Oh my, thank you so much!

    reluctantprincess: Personally, I find the HNT tingles provided by sexy players like you a very nice Thursday distraction! Thank you.

    Frenchy: And two visits from your sexy, sultry self?! I'm so chuffed. Thank you for the gorgeous comments…

    Crystal: Thank you, my yummy, saucy wench!

    MR: Thank you so much. I do love to play with angles…

    Scarlett: This means a lot from you, lovely lady. Thank you…

    Jericho: Why, thank you. And for the record, I'm always happy to provide a little diversion…

    R: Thank you very much. And it was your gorgeous self that stunned me this week…

    Elle: From a woman with perfect pins, that's quite the compliment! Thank you.

    1manview: Oh my! Thank you, thank you…

    EA: Trust me when I tell you, I am the one weakened at the knees by your incredible words. Thank you…

    Eternal: Thank you, gorgeous! It seems we are “lithe” partners in crime this week… 😉

    Cake: Thank you, lovely lady! 😉

    Marianne: Oh, wow! Thank you for the wonderful compliment and for stopping by.

  31. Bunny 2010.07.16 1:03am

    I love the beautiful picture & the words are divine. Happy belated HNT!

  32. Cheeky Minx 2010.07.18 1:24am

    Thank you so very much on both counts, Bunny… 😉