HNT: Slink


Cosseted indoors at last away from the rainy chill of the night, he moves toward me in a gesture to take my coat. Silently refusing, I languidly slink to the narrow passage illuminated by the glow. Up against the wall, my steely blue gaze meeting his, gloved hands begin to ease, unfasten and release, revealing stockings, corset and little else. Pushing aside the warm woollen layer, soft leather fingers graze the silky mound of my hip, slithering their way to the heat radiating from my naked, eager sex.

And as the hush in the room is broken by our raspy breath, his lustful advancing body, his lids heavy with desire, his hands roughly tugging shirt collar and leather belt, speak to me of only one sure, beautiful thing.

(Remember to knock on Osbasso’s door to see this week’s gorgeous players…)

  1. Ella 2010.06.17 1:10am

    Your pictures inspire me to play. Mixed with your words? I am captivated. xo – E.

  2. the eternal list 2010.06.17 1:17am

    cosseted=word of the day

    love the grainy pic, very mysterious

    hhnt, sexy

  3. Osbasso 2010.06.17 1:40am

    As the rain falls outside right now, it's easy to imagine this playing out right here!

  4. Sexy Tigerx 2010.06.17 1:59am

    Oh my sexy hot Cheeky Minx! So beautiful are your work and that hot bode

    xoxo, Crystal

  5. Topaz 2010.06.17 2:01am

    To coat, the lingerie, the wall, you make EVERYTHING look like it was made for this shot! Very Sexy… HHNT!

  6. Spring Flower 2010.06.17 2:37am

    Love those stockings on you… they have a way of making a woman feel and look sexy. HHNT 🙂

  7. The Panserbjørne 2010.06.17 2:59am

    The site redesign is very much you. And of course this latest piece is exquisitely told and lavishly illustrated. 🙂 Happy HNT.

    — PB

  8. The Muffin Fan 2010.06.17 3:57am

    I've read this vignette four times now. I just can't get enough.

    Succinct yet expansive. Beautiful and Sexy.

    It makes me want to fuck. 🙂

    The Enchantrix continues to weave her spells, leaving her readers awed by her beauty, her mind, and her artistry.

    And she does it all with such style and panache!

  9. Vixen 2010.06.17 4:04am

    As always m'dear, you leave me breathless. Your words…your pics…always insanely erotic and lovely.


  10. 13messages 2010.06.17 4:07am

    I've got such a weakness for the femme fatale look. In fact, I was watching Romeo Is Bleeding just today and you remind me of the dangerous Lena Olin from her role in that film here.

  11. James 2010.06.17 11:50am

    Great picture and very enticing words. HHNT

  12. unbridledesires 2010.06.17 12:05pm

    I have a new fantasy…

    Love the look of the gloves and coat, strong and defiant, next to the wanton desire of the lace and body language…

    You are trouble. 😉

  13. Southern Sage 2010.06.17 2:03pm

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm m
    looking stunning as always!

  14. Bunny 2010.06.17 2:43pm

    That photgraph is amazing, and with the words to match it. Inspiring as always!

  15. buzz 2010.06.17 3:18pm

    Wow that's the hottest pic I've seen in a long time….it makes me……XOXO

  16. Dewey's System 2010.06.17 4:40pm

    SO many people left inspired and speechless from your posts, your pictures, your words. It's like I feel that my comment would do injustice to it. All I can say was that I was here . . . and I can't speak. I'm going to stay a while, put my feet up and watch you. 🙂

  17. Green Eyed Frenchy 2010.06.17 7:34pm


  18. southerngirl 2010.06.18 2:56am

    Hey girlfriend…

    You so got IT going on from prose to pose love – AMAZING and always inspiring!!


  19. Elle 2010.06.18 1:19pm


  20. A. Secret 2010.06.18 6:03pm

    Wow such sexy gloves. And where's that left hand naughty girl?

  21. Ms Scarlett 2010.06.18 7:49pm

    Absolutely gorgeous – as ever!


  22. Emmy 2010.06.19 3:24pm

    Very erotic picture to go with those amazing words of yours. You look gorgeous!!

  23. Cheeky Minx 2010.06.20 7:52am

    Thank you all for the gorgeous comment love! You have certainly warmed me right up on this chilly, winter's day. 😉 xxxx

  24. MinorityReport 2010.06.21 2:15pm

    What a sexy shot!
    I'm such a girl though…I noticed the lingerie and immediately wondered where you got it. 😉
    Happy belated.

  25. Cheeky Minx 2010.06.22 9:54am

    Thank you, MR! And lingerie also has the same effect on me. 😉

  26. Jobthingy 2010.06.22 2:41pm

    wow. so intense. and sexy

    H(really late)HNT

  27. Barefoot Dreamer 2010.06.23 4:39am

    phew! glad I finally made it over here! you heat things up!

  28. Cheeky Minx 2010.06.25 8:11am

    Thank you, BFD and Jobthingy! Besides, it's never too late… 😉

  29. Easily Aroused 2010.07.04 2:51pm

    It's official, Minx … you're the blog world's Goddess of Noir. Please – don't ever consider relinquishing the title….


  30. Cheeky Minx 2010.07.06 12:20am

    I would never be so foolish, EA. Besides, you know exactly what to do with me if I was ever mindless enough to do so. Thank you for the title, it has left me feeling rather giddy…