His face, his body, his voice have captured her imagination with a dizzying speed. As his piercing gaze flashes through her mind, as the deep accented drawl echoes in her ears, as he courses and flows through her slight form, she wonders about the man a world away from her own and the compelling lure of him.

She wonders about his hands, their touch, the scent of his skin, his expected force and his astonishing sensuality, his energy and stillness, his heat, his physicality, the view of his overwhelming frame looming over her.

And as she allows her mind to wander and meander along his body magnetic, she slavishly follows, her own scorched, electrified flesh achingly reaching out for one more rapturous union.

  1. 1manview 2010.06.13 3:26pm

    You captured the moment of desire perfectly….

  2. Southern Sage 2010.06.13 3:39pm

    Now I will read that again and pretend you were writing about me.

    Hot hot hot

  3. The Muffin Fan 2010.06.13 6:34pm

    Wow! Someone is the luckiest damn man alive!

    “…scorched, electrified flesh achingly reaching out for one more rapturous union.”

    Such powerful desire so evocatively captured in prose. Frozen in time. I am stunned again by your mind and artistry.

    Fantastic as always Cheeky Minx!

  4. southerngirl 2010.06.14 3:24am

    Beauty in prose again CM…. sometimes I think nirvana is in the imagination, yes?? Bliss….


  5. The Panserbjørne 2010.06.14 3:39am

    “The body magnetic”….sounds almost like a song lyric, or a piece of poetry. As with so much of your work. Even when you're not TRYING to be lyrical it still comes through. Beautiful.

    — PB

  6. Osbasso 2010.06.14 5:34am


  7. unbridledesires 2010.06.14 2:31pm

    Not only has this person captured your imagination, but you have put this person in a domineering position over you…

    “courses and flows through her slight form, overwhelming frame looming over her, slavishly follows…”.

    I concur with The Muffin Fan, someone is damn lucky!

  8. Cheeky Minx 2010.06.15 9:12am

    1manview: Thank you so much…

    Sage: Thank you. And what makes you think you need to pretend?

    Muffin: Oh, thank you! I sincerely hope the gentleman in question is flattered by the words…

    SG: I do believe the bliss is in your comment… (blushing, swooning) xx

    PB: This is high praise from a wordsmith such as you, my friend. Thank you…

    OS: I need more information! 😛

    unbridledesires: Yes, I have done just that, haven't I?! But then, in true switch style, the Sub transforms into the Dom in an instant, which I believe also works for the man in question. Thank you…

  9. Dewey's System 2010.06.15 9:07pm

    The man who is a world away from hers wonders about the woman and the compelling lure of her. ?? So many questions

  10. Cheeky Minx 2010.06.17 9:06am

    Thank you, Dewberry!

    And if he has questions, then he should definitely ask them…