Darkness and light.
The shades of grey in between.
Sultry poetry and gruff demands.
Delicate touch, bruising possession.
Primal desire and tender caring.
Electric exploration, engulfing recognition.
Sexual and sensual, artistic and intellectual.
Man, woman, singularity, multiplicity.

The breathtaking possibility.

  1. Southern Sage 2010.06.06 12:31pm

    I can do all that.

  2. Anonymous 2010.06.06 1:24pm

    Breathtaking. Exactly.

    That part of the brain that concerns itself with linking phrases and whatnot is shut down–
    grammar is unnecessary–
    we are one subject,
    verbs are our objects,
    our artistic intellectuality,
    our intellectual artistry,
    traces lightly, strokes purposefully, pulls desperately, drives deeply, breaths raggedly, shoots hot and full and exhaustively, rests and cleans up well for dinner.

    And for dessert?


  3. southerngirl 2010.06.06 1:34pm

    Possibilities indeed…

    What a beautiful tapestry painted with your prose this morning.


  4. Osbasso 2010.06.06 4:47pm

    I'm all for the shades of gray.

  5. sspsyclist 2010.06.06 6:03pm

    What an intensely erotic, indeed, eloquent, way of breathing the words..

    “I love foreplay.”

  6. The Muffin Fan 2010.06.07 2:24am

    Interplay of Shadows. I crave the Light. I thirst for Darkness. I want to Command. I need to be Mastered.

    My mind AND body must feed.

    Probability. I calculate the vectors one by one. The conclusion still cannot be discerned.

    Paradox. I dip my decanter into the Enchantrix' Mind. Peering within I see myself.

  7. Cheeky Minx 2010.06.07 10:25am

    Sage: Can you, now? Prove it.

    Bill: Thank you very much.

    I do believe you've just provided dessert in the deliciously evocative words that make up your comment. Breathtaking, indeed…

    SG: I'm something of an easy mark for the wonder of the unknown, the infinite possibilities (much like yourself, I suspect).

    Thank you… xx

    Os: I, too, adore the shades of the in-between…

    sspsyclist: “Breathing the words” is so very evocative. I adore it. Thank you.

    And I love foreplay also. Oh, the endlessly delectable possibilities… 😉

    Muffin: Oh, yes. Equal parts shadow and light, day and night, submission and domination.

    In the end, there is no end, no conclusion (as you rightly said). Just time and space and thought and sensation and possibility.

    And your enchanting paradox, where I likewise see myself…

  8. The Panserbjørne 2010.06.07 1:08pm

    Somehow miraculous, isn't it, when faced with an expanding multiweb of possibilities? The delight at being able to pick and choose from a superfluity of options is a rare thing. Easy to become paralyzed with wonder and fear. How rarer still is the one who truly wants to experience EACH option, to drink the cup to its fullest, to experience the heady rush down each dark path.

    — PB

  9. Cheeky Minx 2010.06.08 12:28pm

    I agree, PB, that such openness, possibility, chance can leave us immobilized.

    But I'm hoping the ones that embrace that “heady rush” as you beautifully put it, aren't too much of a rarity. Judging by your comments, and those above, it seems I'm not alone…