She knew in an instant she wanted them both. She knew in mind, in body, in slick throbbing sex she needed them both. In sweet succession. In pleasurable togetherness. In painful separation.

As she slips her hands under the table and begins to caress their inner thighs, her fingers progressively working their way to the rock-hard erections pulsating in their groins, she motions for them to lean in and listen.

With cheeks lightly flushed and tongue nervously moistening her rosy lips, she admits in a raspy murmur the thoughts, fantasies and desires rushing through and overtaking her.

The desire to consume the dark-haired submissive and blue-eyed dominant sitting beside her. The desire to make one her slut while the other makes her his.

The desire to be filled, stretched, torn open wide by cocks and mouths and hands rough and smooth. The desire to bind her submissive to the bed, use him, make him her cunt slave, graze his firm flesh with fingers and nails, ride his cock slow and deep, hard and fast, denying him the ecstasy of release until she is ready and sated.

The desire to be kissed and licked and sucked and marked with tender care and piercing abandon. The desire for her master to fuck her mouth as she is impaled on the other, his hands in her curls, hips thrusting, her hands on his balls, wound around his arse pushing him deeper into the back of her throat, the sounds of desire, the flooding desire from her cunt and mouth filling the room.

The desire to be taken and possessed, defiled and debased. The desire for her blue-eyed man to take her away to the wall, to support her slight body with his large frame as he fucks her roughly, passionately, the small of her back slamming into the stucco, bruising fair skin, their tongues clashing, lips urgently devouring, her tight velvet clamping around his thick, throbbing hardness as her clit brushes against his abdomen and they plunge headlong into their thunderous climax.

The desire to be seen and savoured, worshipped and adored. The desire to look over at her beautiful slut, dark eyes watching, immobilised body waiting, his spent cock finding new life again as he takes in the view.

The desire to be, all at once, in control and utterly surrendered.

  1. Supercock 2010.05.18 3:46am

    Um, yeah, need any help with this one? I can be there in about 24 hours!

  2. Advizor 2010.05.18 5:29am

    your imagery is wonderful.
    My sub and I are contemplating this exact scenario.

  3. Green Eyed Frenchy 2010.05.18 7:40am

    One of my favourite fantasies, Hhhmmm! Wonderful!

  4. The Muffin Fan 2010.05.18 10:45am

    I want to be both men.


    Although I'd probably look weird with one brown eye and other blue.

  5. Osbasso 2010.05.18 4:39pm

    I gather this fantasy isn't taking place at McDonald's…

  6. Spring Flower 2010.05.18 8:34pm


  7. Rex Venom 2010.05.18 10:53pm

    Yes. Desire.
    I feel it now also…
    Rock on!

  8. Cheeky Minx 2010.05.19 8:32am

    Supercock: While all positions are, um, occupied at the moment, I'll send word of the next event!

    Advizor: Thank you so much. I have no doubt there will much fun to be had by both of you when you play this scenario out…

    Frenchy: Thank you, lovely! I'm glad you enjoyed it. 😉

    Muffin Fan: Both men? Mmmm… Greedy man. 😉
    As for the eyes, the colour duo works on David Bowie…

    Os: Haha! That would be correct. The plastic swivel chairs and fluorescent lighting tend to kill the mood, I find… 😉

    Spring Flower: Oh, thank you! And welcome…

    Rex: If you feel it, then my job is done. For now…

  9. Dewey's System 2010.05.20 4:45am

    Your post could have simply been the last sentence alone…wow, I'm totally speechless. There are so many new words and phrases that you've introduced to the mix here that I had to read and re-read about three times.

  10. Cheeky Minx 2010.05.20 12:23pm

    Speechless is just the effect I was hoping for, Dewey! 😉

    It's funny you mention the last line, as it was the first line written. I hope the piece improves with each read…